3 Foods that Help Boost Metabolism #fitnessfriday

We’ve all heard the adage, that weight loss and getting fit is done 50% in the gym and 50% in the kitchen and a large number of fitness advocates see it as far more nutrition than that. So it’s not only important to be looking for foods that won’t be a detriment to you, you should be incorporating foods that help you lose weight – and the best way to do that is to find the foods that will speed up our metabolism.

While there are a lot of different options, I’m choosing to focus on 3 very different foods, which will help give you a broader idea of what to look for.

#1 HOT Peppers

Peppers like Jalapeños, habañeros, and cayennes add more than just flavor to your meals. Peppers camp up your calorie burn and research shows that a spicy meal can up your metabolism by close to 25 percent for around three hours after you’ve eaten. Plus, they taste damn good too.

#2 Grapefruit

Oh delicious grapefruit, is there anything you can’t do.  On top of being delicious, it contains naringenin, an antioxidant that helps your body use insulin more efficiently which keeps your blood sugar in check and hypes up your calories burned. You can find a lot of ways to add grapefruit to your diet from smoothies, to salads to just straight up chowing down on a grapefruit with a spoon.

#3 Green Tea

Green Tea contains epigallocatechin that helps stimulate the nervous system without raising your heart rate. On top of that studies show that people who drank green tea and worked out burned more calories that those who just worked out. Three cups a day can help you burn up to 80 more calories.

So start approaching nutrition with the same zeal as the gym, and incorporate these 3 foods into your daily life. Combined with exercise, your metabolism will helping you loose weight throughout the day.

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