Lavender Fields Forever: Why Every Household Should Keep This Handy Herb

I love lavender; the colour, the look, the smell, it simply makes me happy. We picked up this beautiful bunch at the Dufferin Grove Farmers Market. You can also get high quality essential oils or the dried herb from health food stores such as; Noah’s Natural Foods or The Organic Garage (NEW*Junction Location) A few health benefits to lavender: Relax: Most people are well aware of its soothing properties. It calms the nervous system and aids in sleep. Add a few drops of the oil or a handful of flowers to the bath. I massage the kids with grapeseed oil and add a few drops of lavender oil. They fall asleep in no time! Repel: Mosquitos don’t like lavender oil! Rub it on your skin diluted in a carrier oil and watch the bugs stay away. If you do get bitten add a few drops to the bite and it soothes the skin. Relief: It is a great anti-inflammatory and can reduce pain. Headaches, joint pain, leg cramps can all be soothed with lavender. We are curious do you use lavender?

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