3 Recent Store Openings in Midtown #shoplocal #brickandmortar

We hear the phrase shop local so often and for good reason. Our “villages” are filled with a diverse range of businesses all dedicated to serving their communities in their own unique way. Josh Sherman sets out for Village Living, Midtown to highlight some of our new Brick and Mortar Retailers and Professionals. Supporting local businesses is key in building and maintaining economically vibrant communities.

We really hope you enjoy meeting these amazing and dedicated business owners and choose to visit them in person as you #shoplocal

Marty’s Chez Tabac

For a moment, Marty’s Chez Tabac’s owner, Marty Spring, can’t find the cigar he’s looking for in his shop, and it could be a big problem. “That cigar sells for $2,000,” says Spring, locating the elusive Davidoff Oro Blanco. Here, at the new Eglinton Avenue West home of the business Spring opened in 1998, high-end, tobacco-related items abound. There’s a wall of handcrafted pipes, and set out near the four-figure cigar, is a Daniel Marshall humidor, like the kind former US President George Bush gave to visiting dignitaries. It’s one of just 200. But you don’t have to be the ambassador of a small nation to shop at Chez Tabac. A cigar can cost as little as $5 here. “We have an international selection of cigars from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras — those are the main tobacco-producing [countries],” explains Sprin

g, whose business cards give him the title of C.S.O. (that’s chief smoking officer).

Address: 990 Eglinton Ave. W. (Upper Village)

Phone: (416) 783-9035

Website: www.torontocigars.com

dex(terity) lab

“If you have to use it every day, it should be nice to look at,” says Warren Moore, describing the sorts of products that make the grade at dex(terity) lab, the décor-focused shop he and partner Shane J. Weaver opened in October 2016. Coffee mug or cutting board, “everything should have a decorative and functional quality,” Moore adds. It’s a passion for shopping that keeps these two endlessly searching for such items. “We love combining small-batch production with the mass produced,” says Moore. Touching on Weaver’s recent experience as an artist-in-residence at the Harbourfront Centre’s ceramic studio, dex lab also offers eight-week pottery classes and studio memberships. In the meantime, new plans form. “Things are constantly changing, and neither one of us is very good at sitting still!” Weaver admits. Indeed, they already want to expand programming this year with specialty workshops and private events, he specifies. “Private events? That’s code for bachelorette parties,” Moore laughs.

Address: 651 St. Clair Ave. W. (Wychwood Heights)

Phone: (416) 230-3350

Website: www.thedexlab.com

Robbie Brown

Robbie Brown, who runs the specialty clothier that bears his name, doesn’t think smaller men should be short-changed when it comes to fashion. “There’s a lot of rules about what, let’s say, a shorter man should wear [and] shouldn’t wear. I’ve always felt that a shorter man can wear anything he wants as long as it’s properly proportioned,” says Brown. You could guess this credo by the garments hanging at his Yonge Street retailer, which launched in September 2016. “If a shorter man likes to wear a louder, check sport jacket, he can find that here,” continues Brown, who’s got 30 years of industry experience. Men as tall as 5’ 8” can find formal and casual clothing that fits right off the rack here, whether it’s a pair of blue jeans or a Samuelsohn designer suit. “There’s a huge need to clothe a guy that wears a shorter size.”

Address: 2583 Yonge Street (Uptown Yonge)

Phone: (647) 347-2583

Website: www.robbiebrown.ca

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