4 Tips for Making a Busy Fall More Manageable | Efficient Solutions for a Superb September

It’s September and those lazy days of summer are quickly fading. The pace quickens with the return to school. Even without kids, this is when life returns to full steam. Here are four tips to maintain an organized and happy home while transitioning to this busier season.

Purge Unnecessary Stuff

Unnecessary stuff absorbs time and clutters your focus offering little return in value—especially when you don’t have space to store it all. It find it best to eliminate unneeded items while I have the time. I try to keep pace with the seasons: in fall, I purge summer clothes and equipment while I make room for winter gear. Keeping our stuff at manageable levels, and on par with available storage limits the time we spend keeping it organized and tidy.

Minimize Time Spent on Seasonal Errands

Seasonal errands create additional demands on time, so I do them efficiently. I take stock of our needs promptly and then get things done ahead of the masses. I make service bookings in advance of their due dates which often means we can select appointments that fit with our schedule so we avoid extra time-consuming logistics. Early purchases allow us more choice and we avoid spending extra time tracking down items already out of stock at many places.

Minimize Ongoing Time-Wasters

Older homes that need constant repair and heavy maintenance eat up a lot of time. This is one reason we chose to rebuild our house. Now we spend less time maintaining, repairing and renovating, and we have more time for the things that really matter to us: children, hobbies and professional dreams. In the extra-busy seasons, this has proven especially beneficial.

Book Time for Things That Really Matter

Make time for self-care and for nurturing your most intimate relationships. I have learned the hard way that this requires discipline. Now I schedule my date nights, workouts and haircuts in advance. Otherwise, they may not happen, which impacts the overall level of happiness in our home.

The fall is a glorious time of year. People travel from afar to enjoy the spectacular colours of autumn that we often take for granted. Find the time to enjoy it. I hope these tips help!

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