5 Bad Hair Habits to Break NOW By Mike Goncalves

Any habit can be hard to break. Bad habits are even harder to break. For years I struggled with a flat iron addiction. I flat ironed my hair constantly. My hair is naturally just a little wavy so it didn’t really need to be smoothed but my bad habit damaged my hair making it frizzy so it needed to be flat ironed to look healthy and sleek. Do you see the awful cycle I created for myself? A lot of people create these cycles; the best thing you can do is just stop now.

Constant hot tool styling. Take a note from story; constant hot tool styling does nothing but create messy and frizz hair that needs more and more hot tool styling.

Using cheap products. A drugstore brand once in a while isn’t going to do anything bad to your hair, but over time your tresses will become coated in waxy ingredients or get dehydrated from the lack of high quality ingredients putting the moisture back. These problems require you to shampoo more, which makes you buy more product. Another vicious cycle. The fix? Buy better product that requires you to use less and have better hair.

Not brushing before bed. Just like you should brush your teeth before bed you should brush you hair. Brushing tangles out before bed prevents big nests in the morning. Getting through tons of knots in the morning causes breakage. Prevent all this with a quick run of the brush at night.

Wearing your hair in tight styles often. Hair is strong but not as strong as you think. The stress of tight styling often can cause intense breakage in weird areas of the head. Learn to love looser looks.

Not rough drying before blow-drying with a brush. Rough-drying is essential to hair health and speeding up styling sessions. You may think using your brush right at the start of your drying may be a good idea but it’s actually doing more harm than good. Hair is weakest when wet so you should rough dry your hair with your hand to 85% dry then use a brush to finish and smooth out the style. Good luck

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