5 Questions with Local Artist Ingrid Kay

How did you start making art and why?

For many years I had a successful and fun fashion career in Montreal where I had the opportunity to create, design, merchandise and sell ladies clothing to major stores throughout Canada. I wanted to try something different so I took a risk and owned a non-creative but lucrative business. After several years, I realized how much I missed the creative aspect of life.

A friend recommended an intensive 2 week workshop in France where I got my creativity  flowing and fell in love with painting and exploring color. I took another risk, even when people thought I was crazy, and became a professional artist. I am so grateful as painting fuels my soul.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the colors in our world. From incredible nature and mosaics I experienced in Southeast Asia, where I felt surrounded by art, to the beautiful sunrises and sunsets I see from my terrace, I am never at a loss for what to paint. I am passionate about color and enthralled by its language. What I find most interesting is not only how our eyes see color so differently but how colors actually speak to you. I can see this when a client is immediately drawn to a particular piece while another client gravitates to a different painting. It is usually the color speaking to them first and I love seeing the emotion it stirs.

What is your creative process?

When I start a painting, my studio has to be somewhat clean and organized so I can feel calm and get quiet. I start by applying the first layer of texture to the canvas and that takes away any insecurities I may have of starting something new. As the painting evolves, my music usually becomes louder, paints, brushes, sponges, lace and other tools clutter my table. I find this energizes my creative process and pushes me to explore even more. While applying the layers, I enhance what I love and paint over all that I don’t. The most liberating thing I have learned over the years is that “mistakes” can be painted over and have a wonderful way of adding depth and enhancing a piece. I intuitively paint communicating through color adding layers and patterns to build the canvas and create a space you hopefully want to enter.

Is it difficult to part with your paintings?

Each painting is a labour of love specifically designed to bring joy into its new home. I enjoy the relationships that I continue to build with my clients and designers for commissions which makes for a winning collaboration .

Why did you choose the name ReAppearing for your upcoming exhibit?

Reappearing is more than just the literal meaning of the word. I have a visceral connection to it as I am entering this next phase, not only in my life but in my artistic journey.

My son and I recently moved back to Toronto from Florida. It was a great adventure but we are thrilled to be back home. For the last 5 years my focus was in the US market and now I that I am back my work and I are “ReAppearing” for you to visit at The Wychwood Barns Community Gallery September 13-15.

I am honored that Robert Allen Duralee is sponsoring my show on Friday September 13 for their interior design clients and Lollicakes is contributing delicious treats.

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