8 Limbs of Yoga through a Banker’s Lens

Tax time is upon us and if you are like me, I procrastinate, I restore, I meditate, I practice yoga (asana), then I procrastinate some more and finally at the eleventh hour I cram it all in and press send! I am the first to recognize and acknowledge this method of dealing with my financial health is neither particularly “yoga-like” nor efficient. With the days lengthening and light skies becoming more abundant, I believe spring is a time to reboot and reprogram our bodies. I also feel spring is a time for a fiscal overhaul. Spring is not only about a rebirth for your metaphysical self but also your financial health.

This spring, I will dig deep into my yoga roots to help me with my financial planning. I will offer my body as a conduit in my annual financial meeting. Yoga is a practice that teaches us how to integrate the mind, body, and soul. Connecting with a deep sense of body awareness can allow you to experience the subtlest signals from the body. It’s much like a financial planner guiding us through our comfort levels with how passive or high-risk-seeking you are investing your money. Knowing the signs of the body and understanding the idiosyncrasies of the market trends, allow us to make calculated and educated health and wealth choices alike.

I recently met with my financial planner for my spring detox. I noticed a soft spirituality as I walked down the glass and ultra modern, high gloss white tunnels of these financial towers.  After being reminded, he knew how to speak my language, I realized when investing in these very uncertain and unsettling times, I want to feel like I am in a safe environment, regardless of how much or little financial diversity I have. I want to be honest about the lifestyle I lead and what I would change and share those dreams with an effortless effort. And, I also need to be able to have skills to absorb anxiety, fear, failure, act fast and embrace change. After all, change is the only consistent thing we know each spring.

8 ways your yoga can help support your financials.

1. How much do you have to invest?
Yoga is not meant to be a short-tem commitment, perhaps why it is called a practice. However any yoga is yoga. Our bodies require commitment, movement, and maintenance, just like your investments.

2. How long do you want to invest?
An investment is a gift of time. I love to practice my “5 times 5” yoga sequences on busy weeks. 5 times a day, I carve out 5 minutes and practice 5 asana-sequences. Frequency and consistency will be the success to a long-term investment.

3. What are you planning to use the investment for?
Without your health you have nothing. Financial freedom and health will help you live pain and disease free.

4. What age are you?
Attitude to risk can change with age.

5. What are your values?
It’s important that you feel comfortable with whom and where you invest and practice.

6. What’s your risk profile?
Are you willing to go upside down, balance, relearn to breathe, and lay still?

7. How much flexibility do you need?
An open mind and heart.

8. What is financial freedom to you?
Stability, mobility, and flexibility.

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