A Clean Start to 2014!

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With students returning to school last week, the winter break is officially behind us.  We kicked off back-to-school last Tuesday with New Year’s learning resolutions. Based on the feedback we received from parents, getting organized marks the top of the list.

So in keeping with the theme of clean starts, we enlisted the help of Melissa Maker from Clean My Space, a popular Toronto-based cleaning service, and the personality behind the wildly viewed YouTube DIY cleaning videos.

In the fall she showed us how to clean a backpack.  Now Melissa is back in action, helping us to get organized teaching us how to clean a desk.  Her rule of thumb is to see 80% of your desk, as your workplace is NOT actually meant for storage.

Here are Melissa’s tips to clean a desk in five easy steps:

1)      To start the process, create a desk map where everything on the desk belongs. Pin it to the wall and refer to it throughout the year.

2)      Remove all clutter from the desk, working your way from one side of the desk to the other.

3)      Once the surface is clear, clean off the desk with your favourite all-purpose cleaner.

4)      Organize the items into three piles: Toss, Keep and Donate.  Sort everything with no breaks until this task is completed.

5)      Map out where everything will go, and place remaining items back on the desk.

For more on this topic, including a DIY locker deodorizer, take a look at this video.   Be sure to check out the Clean My Space website for an endless supply of cleaning tips that parents won’t want to miss.  Want to motivate your kids to clean their room?  There is a video for that!


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