A fresh take on clean beauty

Look good, feel amazing and help save the planet

Bloom Beauty is a chic new salon that is one of the first in Toronto to focus on clean beauty. Showcasing a well-curated and internationally sourced line of safe, high quality, non-toxic make-up and skincare, owners Pamela Cass and Samantha Brewes want to turn beauty on its head and encourage others to see beauty differently. This is creatively portrayed by the cool signage out front where “Bloom” is upright and “Beauty” is mirrored below: they literally turned beauty on its head.  

Pamela Cass (right) and Samantha Brewes (Left)

Women can be “gun shy” about the makeup world, not knowing what colour to choose or how to apply. Now, with the growing awareness and concern about choosing clean and natural products, the process is even more daunting.   

At Bloom Beauty, those fears and intimidation are immediately put at ease. Walking into Bloom Beauty is like gaining access into your friend’s older sister’s closet, or even walking into a film star’s trailer.  It is warm, inviting, and filled with glamour, where women can empower and be empowered. It is full of everything you would want or need to feel glamourous. There are tons of beautiful skincare and makeup lines with ample testers and knowledgeable professionals on hand to help you decide which products to try. There is a wonderful supply of cool and fun clothing, beautifully handmade cards, luxurious spa products and an intimates line made of sustainable fabric. Speaking of intimate… there is a whole wall dedicated to self-love products. Bloom Beauty encompasses all that makes a woman beautiful. While Bloom provides clean, sustainable and high-quality makeup, Pam and Sam believe that beauty is not just on the surface. It comes from within: if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you look good. It’s that simple. 

Beauty is not about trends or the latest Instagram post. It is far more individual than that; each of us has our own take on what makes us feel beautiful. Pam and Sam help guide you to enhance your inner and outer beauty. They help you choose the colour that not only looks good but makes you feel confident, and they really know their stuff! Both are innately creative; Pam has a Fine Arts degree and over 30 years’ industry experience working in bridal, special events, bat/bar mitzvahs and proms, photography and camouflage makeup, while Samantha has a diploma in Make-Up Artistry from George Brown and has worked very successfully as an independent freelance makeup artist and as a skin and makeup specialist at Holt Renfrew. What a force they are! Between the two of them, they also offer brow tinting, lash application, micro blading, hair removal, organic facials and a “Clean Swap”. Clean Swap is an incredible service that dissects your current stash of cosmetics and skin care and helps you replace everything with cleaner, more sustainable products. 

Look good. Feel good. Better the planet. Win/win/win in my estimation. 

Photo Credit: Rena Ray Photographer 

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