A Tale of Trust and Time

Each birth is its own painting. This one started with the bag of waters breaking just as this couple was getting settled for bed. They called with excitement as their due date was approaching. I recommended they rest while they could as sometimes it takes a while for contractions to get started. I was surprised when early morning came and they hadn’t called me. I sent them a text and we chatted. The contractions still hadn’t started. Research shows that labour should begin within 24 hours of the waters breaking. The concern if this doesn’t happen, is that the baby may develop an infection, particularly for women that are Group B Strep positive.

This pregnant mama was quite comfortable being at home and giving her body the time it needed. We spoke periodically throughout the day. Things were slowly intensifying, but nothing dramatic. I suggested we try some natural remedies. I knew that if she didn’t start contracting soon, the hospital would want to induce her with Pitocin. She decided she wanted to go get assessed at the hospital as it had been over 18 hours since her waters had broken. I met them at 8 pm. As predicted, the medical staff wanted to start Pitocin. She quietly contemplated her choices and decided she would give her body a few more hours. I began cycling homeopathic remedies and I changed her body position frequently. Contractions started and they were getting intense. The nurse kept looking over at me with a big smile. By 10 pm, she was having contractions every 2 – 3 min—she was now in good, active labour. She wanted an epidural. Once she was comfortable, they assessed her. She was 6 cm. Amazing! Things changed quickly and in a few short hours, she was ready to push. She didn’t need the Pitocin after all.

It’s hard to know when to trust the process and when an intervention is needed. I don’t have the right answers. All I know is, for this mama, that trust allowed her to have the birth she wanted. All she needed was a little more time.

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