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It’s an ALL-STAR DAIRY-FREE LINE-UP. All Made by Small Ontario Businesses with Lisa Borden #thebordenbiglist

It sometimes seems like every food product is free of something these days (or even many things), whether it’s gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, sugar-free or dairy-free. As someone who celebrates transparency and allergy-friendly products, this is exciting, but it’s critical to remember that a healthy product isn’t just determined by what is not in it — it’s actually much more important to check out what IS in it! Read the labels on these Ontario made products. You’ll be impressed, your body will be happy, and your taste buds will be satisfied.

*A reminder that we don’t *need* dairy in our lives, no matter what anyone tries to tell us to glorify the health benefits of the product or the calcium you get from eating it.

Yoso Cream Cheese + Yogurts

Dairy Free Product Picks from Ontario Lisa Borden Yoso

Cream cheese made from organic cashews, yogurts made from organic almonds and cashew, or nut-free yogurts made with organic coconut flesh, Yoso’s dairy-free products, made in Cambridge, are delicious on their own, and in baking and cooking. Their yogurts are cultured and offer a great source of calcium, iron, dietary fibre, and healthy prebiotics to improve digestion.

RawFoodz Dips

RawfoodzRemember that classic French onion dip you used to enjoy? RawFoodz makes one with all organic ingredients (the base is hemp seeds and real chives). Enjoy it with veggies, chips, or as a sandwich spread. Like all of their products, it is made in a dedicated nut-free, soy-free and gluten-free facility in Toronto.

Chufa Co Tigernut Milk

Tigernuts are not nuts but actually small root vegetables with an impressive nutritional profile. Full of fibre, this naturally sweet milk will keep you full longer, and is prebiotic, so it promotes growth of the good bacteria in your gut. This product is freshly made in Toronto and comes in many flavours. It’s also packaged in glass bottles, not plastic.


Culcherd Butter

Culcherd Dairy Free Butterless Butter Lisa Borden

Forget the butter versus margarine debate and try this pure and nourishing butter made in Toronto from organic cashews and coconut oil. It’s as good on toast as it is to cook with. Try drizzling it over organic popcorn or a simple bowl of pasta.



Nuts for Cheese

Nuts for Cheese Dairy Free Picks Lisa Borden

Spreadable and meltable, all of these handmade-in-Hamilton cheeses start with a base of cultured organic cashew milk. Varieties such as blue cheese and brie are sold as beautiful wedges, perfect for a cheeseboard.


Grinning Face Gelato

Grinning Face Dairy Free Product Picks Lisa Borden

This Cabbagetown-based company cracks the coconuts, makes the milk and churns it into naturally rich, creamy gelato, one small batch at a time. It’s free of artificial anything and contains no dairy, no nuts, no gluten, and no soy. Vegan apple cider caramel is my favourite flavour.


Mylko Milks

These organic, raw “mylks” are made in Toronto and delivered to your door in old-fashioned glass bottles by the Mylkoman. Unlike the boxed

dairy-free milk you might buy or try, Mylko has a much higher ratio of ingredients to water, no additives, fillers, stabilizers, dairy, soy, carrageenan, xanthan gum or other unnecessary ingredients.

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