In our previous Friday edition Perfect Posture (link) I shared a short and simple daily program you can use to stand up straighter! Now we’ll discuss what is for most of us (including myself), the hardest component of health and wellness … nutrition.

When we think of food as fueling our bodies, of course we want to give it what’s best. But our taste buds have other opinions when it comes to anything covered in chocolate. In my DexFit 6 Week Online Nutrition Challenge I work together with clients from all over to create small realistic goals they can do for life. FOR LIFE. That way their 6 week intentions become habits, they succeed at small goals, to then achieve greater goals, and maintain their habits for life! That includes not denying yourself anything. That’s right … ANYTHING! Cause food is fun, social, and enjoyable! If you’re hell-bent on getting a 6-pack, this process won’t work. But if you want to increase your energy, immune system, and “fit into your skinny jeans” again, it will.  

80/20 Rule:

When we mindfully eat “clean” 80% of the time, and have “treats” the other 20% – we are more likely to achieve our goals. An occasional treat will not tip the scale, but yo-yo dieting will.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Sweets and Treats:

One of my clients told me that her office kitchen had a separate area full of treats for the staff. This stash of delectable indulgences has a sign nearby that reads: “Will Power Island!” This name is hilariously clever (I literally laughed out loud when she told me about it), but it’s also a great conversation starter about nutrition. Will power is not something we can rely on alone. We must also take small and realistic actions towards maintaining an 80/20 approach:

  • Drink water – you may be mistaking dehydration for hunger
  • Eat breakfast. This will help stabilise blood sugar levels and set you up for the day
  • To avoid snacking, take breaks away from your desk, go for a walk to talk to colleagues vs. e-mail/text
  • Snacking is not bad. Bring healthy snacks to avoid the sweets in the kitchen
  • Portion fruit, nuts, crudités, hummus, cheese, oat/rice cakes and yogurts
  • Avoid boredom habit. Keep a food diary and monitor the patterns in your eating
  • If 3pm marks a ‘danger zone’ schedule a workout or meeting to take your mind off snacking
  • Occupy your hands with other things. Keep a stress ball handy or another desk game
  • Remove food from your environment. Make sure colleagues/household members understand you would rather sweets not be left near your desk/ in plain view
  • 80/20 Rule = 80% clean eating / 20% treats. Eat mindful treats guilt-free!

Which of these small action steps will you use to avoid major sweets and treats?

Sign up for the next DexFit 6 Week Online Nutrition Challenge that includes a 60 minute phone consultation and 6 week online follow-up program. No journaling or calorie counting – just a few check marks to create life-long habits to improve body composition, energy, mood and quality of life! www.DexterityFitness.com Yours in good health,
Charlene Carroll, Dexterity Fitness

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