Awareness, Advocacy, Survivor. By Bonnie Lum

tittmOr is it Survivor, Awareness, Advocacy? Either way, the word ‘survivor’ shouldn’t be necessary to bring awareness and be an advocate of something important. Many people become unfortunate to be a survivor before they become an advocate and bring awareness to their community. I want to change that.

In Canada, almost 9000 people are diagnosed with Lymphoma each year. What is it? It’s a cancer of the blood or lymphatic system. Over 3000 of them die of the disease if not caught early. If you think that number is high, a great portion of that number is young adults between the ages of 15 and 39 years. There are over 50 types of Lymphoma. Let me just break it down to the two main categories: Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Both of which have several sub-types. You can read more about Lymphoma and its subtypes on Lymphoma Canada’s website.

Lymphoma Canada is an organization dedicated to Lymphoma research, education, resources, and support to lymphoma patients and their families. They offer events such as Living Well with Lymphoma where lymphoma patients, survivors, and families and friends participate in a one-day conference to learn more about wellness, lymphoma, and strategies to living with cancer with the opportunity to meet other people with lymphoma. They are also hosting their inaugural Take It to the Mat yoga and wellness, education and fundraising event on November 2nd.

As a lymphoma survivor, I was fortunate to become an advocate for young adult cancers today. I say “fortunate” proudly because it made me understand the isolation, loss of independence, and other issues that the 7000 young adults diagnosed with cancer this year will experience.

If you would like to read about my story, you can read it on my Take It To The Mat fundraising page. Click Here

Please feel free to join my team or donate. However, as an advocate, I’m just happy that you read my article as this means that one more person is aware of what Lymphoma is all about. Take care and stay well!

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