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High-levels of synthetic hormones are wreaking havoc on our bodies and eco-systems. Luckily, a natural, all-Canadian alternative is at hand.

There is a new movement afoot in the holistic and green living communities – a move toward greener contraception.

After decades of enjoying the liberation and control that the pill has given women over their bodies, women (and men) are beginning to ask important questions about the environmental consequences of hormonal contraception, as well as the impact on women’s health.

From an eco-perspective, studies show that high levels of synthetic hormones entering our water systems are feminizing fish and making it difficult for aquatic life to reproduce.

In the realm of our own bodies, women of reproductive age are the only population that is medicated on a daily basis despite the fact that we are not sick. Use of the birth control pill (and other hormonal forms of contraception) have been found to have high correlations to all sorts of health problems, including depression, stroke, and long-term fertility complications.

The problem for most women and couples has been how to find an effective, reliable alternative. Few people know that several decades ago scientific discoveries about the nature of women’s fertility made it possible for a woman to identify her exact days of fertility and even pinpoint the day of ovulation without anything more than a thermometer, some toilet paper, a paper and a pen.

Even fewer people know that with this knowledge women have been shown through scientific research to be able to avoid pregnancy with a 99.4% level of effectiveness.

Unfortunately, this all-natural approach to managing fertility called, “Fertility Awareness Method,” (FAM) has been a hidden wisdom rarely practiced, until recently.

“It may take more effort than popping a pill, but the long-term value [of the Fertility Awareness Method] is immeasurable.”

Learning a fertility awareness method, like the Canadian-based Justisse approach, may take more effort than popping a pill, but the long-term value is immeasurable.

In addition to providing excellent birth control, FAM provides women with a tool to track reproductive health, assist with achieving pregnancy, and deepen our relationship to our bodies and our partners. Like the added pleasure of eating a vegetable or herb we’ve grown ourselves, being in our bodies when they are truly our own is a gift to be relished.


Amy Sedgwick - Head Shot

Amy Sedgwick is a certified HRHP specializing in natural approaches to reproductive health. She is co-founder of Red Tent Sisters.


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