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being_balanced_main As Chiropractors, the majority of our patients at Balance come to see us with musculoskeletal pain: pain that originates from muscles and joints. You can easily get trapped in the process of chasing a patient’s pain. However, we try to take a deeper look at the real issue to understand where the pain originates. Our motivation and journey is to assess, treat and correct the root cause of the pain and go beyond treating the area of complaint. The vast majority of pain is a result of improper movement of the body, which results in injury. We find that watching a patient move is often the detective work that unlocks the necessary treatment. An orthopedic test will point us in a certain direction towards a diagnosis, but the real work is in understanding the reason why the test is positive and not due to movement patterns. In April, while attending an invaluable session with Dr. Eric Goodman and his Foundation Training Team in California, I studied a series of key exercises based on integrating the muscular chains of the body. Foundation Training (FT) begins with the posterior chain of muscles. The movements concentrate on this muscular chain because our daily activities often leave these muscles weak and imbalanced. To illustrate the point, stop and take a look at how you are sitting or standing. Are you shoulders rolled forward? Are you slouching? Is your weight unevenly distributed? All of these tendencies lead to improper loading of muscles and joints and in turn, pain. If you have suffered from back pain for any significant amount of time, you probably have all the pertinent information about your injury. Additionally, you have seen your doctor, chiropractor and physiotherapist, tried painkillers and ice and you are still in pain. With a few corrections in movement, you can learn to move your body in the right way and can control your chronic injuries. This involves learning how to hinge at your hips, fire your butt and hamstring muscles and strengthen your entire body. We have begun implementing FT with each and every one of our patients at Balance. This group ranges from professional athletes to those simply in pain, and now our patients are benefiting from the training. We literally have patients emailing us pictures of themselves doing FT in airports or the grocery store, because it just feels good. Foundation Training is the most effective movement-based training we have ever seen for those wanting to get out of pain and/or increase performance. Follow this link to check out Dr. Eric Goodman at TEDx to get more information about Foundation Training:   vanessa_pic         Dr. Vanessa Nobrega, B.Comm, DC Vanessa Nobrega is a licensed and board certified chiropractor (DC) practicing at Balance in midtown Toronto. Her practice focuses on pain management and sports medicine and she is certified in contemporary medical acupuncture, ART and Foundation Training.  Vanessa is a member of the Canadian Chiropractic Association and Ontario Chiropractic Association. Vanessa is a former professional basketball player and high performance coach.

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