Baker and Scone Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary on St. Clair West


It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since Baker and Scone​ opened their doors along St. Clair Avenue West and Christie Street. With tremendous transformation of the street-scape in Hillcrest Village​ and the Wychwood Heights​ area, we sure are glad they chose this cozy spot as their home.

We’ve had the chance to get to know Sandra Katsiou (Left), Owner of Baker and Scone over the last year and her passion is clearly evident every time we speak and in the beautiful vibe she has created in her shop, truly reflecting what this community cherishes most, comfort, conversation and great food! Erin Featherston (Right), Chef at Baker and Scone has won the hearts of so many by delivering their unbelievable and evolving menu selections. If this is only the first year, then we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

If it’s sweet you seek, they have a scone to meet your desire, savoury, check, they have that covered too. Along with their wonderful selection of Scones, Baker and Scone has delivered a much healthy option for Lunches with a wide variety of prepared salads and hearty hot soups which have been a personal saving grace throughout this long and cold winter.

The celebrations continue until tomorrow so head on over and check out all that has made them such a great addition to our community. Supporting our local businesses is the best way to build and maintain an economically vibrant community. ~Happy Birthday Baker and Scone!

Baker and Scone is located at:
693 St. Clair Avenue West

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