Before you “Detox” lets start at the beginning – Detox Series 1

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Our bodies are made to work! Almost daily I am asked, “Should I go on a detox diet?” To answer this question properly you must understand some basic principles.

It is a misconception to think that we only detoxify when we undergo a specific “ detox” diet or regime. Your body is constantly undergoing detoxification, so you need to make healthy decisions each day to support this process. A healthy functioning body is efficient at taking in nutrients in the form of food and extracting what it needs; leaving the waste products to be eliminated. We are undeniably exposed on a daily basis to multiple environmental and manmade toxins. Our bodies work hard to process these toxins and eliminate them efficiently.

The question arises: what are the risks of these constant environmental, chemical and food exposures and can they harm me?  Certainly, we encounter thousands of chemicals, pesticides and toxins each and every day. As an experiment, simply count the number of ingredients on the first three products you use when you get ready in the morning – including the shampoo and soaps you use every day.  Logic alone would dictate that surely all of these chemicals cannot be safe, surely they must take some toll on our bodies.  This awareness and questioning of the personal and household products in wide use has led in great part to the emergence and demand for detoxification and elimination programs. My clinic receives calls daily from patients wanting to learn more about Naturopathic Medicine and the detoxification programs that I offer.

The body’s natural rhythms and physiological functions attempt to efficiently process chemicals and our exposure to toxic substances. As a Naturopathic Doctor I use a variety of functional tests to analyse my patients. I am increasingly finding the bioaccumulation of dangerous toxins in my patients.  These exposures can often explain the cause of their symptoms and they create the potential for serious disease.

As a Naturopathic Doctor I firmly believe in the tenets that guide my profession. My primary goal is Tolle Causam, which translates to identifying and treating the cause of a disease. I do not believe in treating only the symptoms that my patients experience; this does not get at the root of disease and illness. When I discuss my detoxification program with one of our patients it is important to understand the totality of their symptoms and lifestyle. I want to know how they feel they have been affected by toxins and why they want to partake in a detoxification program. We work together to find long term strategies that they can employ in their daily lives.

Spring  marks the time that we start our Detoxification program.  We provide a program that will support your body and educate you through the detoxification process. Please call the clinic to book your Spring Detoxification Consultation. Over the next few weeks this blog will discuss some of the major issues surrounding detoxification. I will teach you what works and expose what doesn’t. If you have a specific question with regards to detoxification or a product please ask so that I can answer.

Written by: Dr.Holly Fennell, Naturopathic Doctor


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  1. Great artcle. I hope you will be diligent as well as accurate with your continuation of this series. Looking forward to some exposes regarding some of the poor quality and dangerous detox stuff out there.

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