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The month of April is famous for fools, pranks, jokes, and all-around silliness. It is indeed a funny month.  Did you know that April 12th is Grilled Cheese Day? That’s right. There’s an actual day for a comfort food that takes us back to the good ‘ol days. Humour is indeed a great theme and even better tool to encourage reading among kids.

This month, I’ve rounded up three children’s books that capture the comical character of April:

Veggies with Wedgies  For ages: 2-5


By Todd H. Doodler, Illustrated by Todd H. Doodler

This picture book is as hilarious as both the title and cover suggest.  When Farmer John hangs his underwear on the clothesline, he inspires a lot of excitement in his garden. The veggies are naturally very curious to try them on. This “wedgie-tastic” tale is perfect for little sprouts getting ready to trade in their diapers. Filled with a charming cast of veggie characters, amusing illustrations and a quirky song, Veggies with Wedgies will have the entire family in stitches. After all, a tomato in tighty whities is pretty funny.

If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur | For ages: 3-7

If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur

By Linda Bailey, Illustrated by Colin Jack

Have you ever wondered what you would do with a dinosaur?  This enchanting story will provide multiple suggestions for entertaining this unusual pet–from a can opener and potato masher, to an umbrella on rainy days. Children are encouraged to unleash their creativity and let their imaginations go wild. Young readers will definitely be prepared should a dinosaur be waiting in their living room.

Shark School: The Boy Who Cried Shark| For ages: 6-9


By Davy Ocean, Illustrated by Aaron Blecha

Children are well acquainted with fairy tales, but what about fishy tales? In the fourth edition to the Shark School series, lovable hero Harry Hammer faces his latest challenge yet when he mistakenly “cries shark”.  So what happens when he actually sees a great white swim in to town? This chapter book is filled with sea-inspired vocabulary and is a fun choice for students interested in underwater adventures.


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