We are opposites when it comes to Valentine’s Day.  Matthew – loves the holiday and goes over board with chocolates and flowers and Felicia – has never been overly excited about the commercial hoopla.

So we spend every year doing something together.  We make sure we incorporate a couple’s workout that involves touch.  KEEP IT CLEAN!!!  We know where your mind just went.  We want to share with you three movements and a bonus for an agility couples workout that involves contact.

It is a scientific fact that physical touch will increase your metabolism and cause decreases in cortisol production to drop. Cortisol suppresses the immunity response. So lets get moving together…

Warm up
March high knees (1 min)
Butt kicks (1 min)
Alternating stationary Side Lunge (1 min)

Repeat the following exercises 3 times for 1 minute each.
Lateral 1,2,3’s
Facing your partner or the mirror, lift hands up with arms at a 90 degree
Taking 3 steps laterally to one side raising the inside knee to the alternate elbow.
Repeat going the other way.

Triangle Jumps
Standing at the top of the triangle, on one leg jump to the back right corner
From there jump laterally to the back left
Then up to the front point.
Repeat going the other way, point to back left, back right back to point.
Repeat for 60 seconds.

Abs, sit back facing your partner, hands next to your pockets, legs with a slight bend.
One partners feet are above the others. Slowly circle each others legs around one another for 30 seconds then switch direction.

Happy Valentine’s Day from our healthy heart to yours





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