Brick & Mortar – Spotlight | Balafant Boutik #shoplocal

At Balafant Boutik, Sanam Navid is committed to offering non-toxic, eco-friendly and organic children’s toys and products from around the world but she also wanted to be a part of the local design movement. “There are so many talented mom-preneurs and Toronto artists,” she says and working with them brings back that whole idea of community. It was the sense of community and the opportunity to work with kids through workshops that motivated her to open her shop. At Balafant Boutik, you’ll find a lot of open-ended, wooden toys—in other words, toys that aren’t just noisemakers. “You don’t have to have a billion toys, but if you have a few of quality,” says Sanam, “they will inspire your child’s imagination and foster a love of great design.” Click “Sign on for Our Workshops” on Balafont Boutik’s website to view their roster of arts and crafts, language and story time drop-in hours.

Visit Balafant Boutik – 1360 Bathurst Street (South of St. Clair West), 647-347-4588,

Leslie Sinclair is a freelance writer in the St. Clair West Village. Leslie loves to write about people and subculture.

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