Brighten Up February Learning #teachmetuesday By Hannah Rittner

It’s February and it’s cold. Students are tired from six months of studying and are aching for inspiration. Finding a light at the end of the tunnel before March break is completely attainable. All it takes is using fun strategies to diversify the routine of learning in a classroom. Students lose their morale at this point of the year because there is a tremendous amount of material to cover before March break. It is easy for them to get distracted because they are overwhelmed by all the work ahead. Since everyone is motivated to get to March break, students often avoid asking for help and speaking for themselves. There are ways around this, if students find opportunities to learn in small groups or one-on-one. That way specific interests and learning concerns can be addressed. There are many ways to learn in small groups or independently. Encourage your kids to make study groups of two-three peers. Through study groups you can engage the students with contemporary issues and media that relate to their subjects. This is a fun way to give them a new perspective—after all, every piece of knowledge serves a purpose and directly relates to the outside world! While doing this your kid can make time to meet their teacher once a week for review or extra help. This is a great habit for them to continue after break, it gives them chances to forge relationships with their teachers. The more trust there is between the student and their teacher the more fun learning will be for them. Furthermore, it helps them build independent study skills and initiative. If a student is very enthusiastic about learning you can always find enrichment materials. Whether it is finding extra readings that elaborate on subjects from school or consulting with teachers for advice to get the perfect book of exercises. Giving students the option to guide their own learning can be a source of empowerment and confidence for them as March break comes closer. It gives them an opportunity to take control of school rather then feeling swept away by it. Another fun option is finding a tutor. Through tutoring students can enjoy a tailor made learning process. This is also a great confidence builder; often students collaborate with their tutors about the material they’d like to focus on. This can add a more porous and imaginative relationship to learning, helping them relax during the busy school days. There are many strategies to brighten up the February blues. Find playful opportunities for students to see subjects through different contexts: inquisitive small study groups, engaging them in media and current events, enrichment materials, and one-on-one meetings with teachers. Students find novelty fun. Anything to mix-up the routine of learning in classroom is positive. Finally, if the student requires a consistent flow of this, a tutor is able to curate a fusion of all these things. After looking at all these strategies, it’s clear there is plenty to look forward to before March break hits.
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