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The task: Define a woman who defies description. Piece of cake, right? Wrong, and once you get to know Kary Dick, second generation owner/operator of Second Nature Boutique at 514 Mt Pleasant Rd., you will better understand why. There may be a word or two invented in this pursuit. IMG_1750 june cover tocKary is encouraging women to evolve, to improve and challenge our views of ourselves. She is so much more than simply someone selling us previously owned designer clothing. Kary wants you to look beyond what you see when you look in the mirror and see what you could be—what you are entitled to being. She wants to lift you up and recognize you are just as marvellous as she believes you to be. Kary is so much more than a shop owner. She is a Confidence-Creator. Imagine walking into a life size treasure box and you will have some idea of what it is like inside Second Nature Boutique. The story of its inception much like the fairytale that treasure box must be from. With over 7,000 consignors, the store is understandably packed to the brim, with reasonably priced previously loved luxury clothing and accessories, yet without the slightest hint of clutter. Kary and her staff run a tight and highly organized fashion forward ship.
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1970’S Ruthy and Friend

Kary’s mother, Ruth saw beyond the stigma attached to recycle and resale prevalent at the time and began the business in 1974. She saw a need, both in the market and for her young family. She had the compassion to see how difficult it was for single women to keep their confidence during challenging times. Ruth understood the power a quality piece of clothing could give a person.  Ruth and Kary both believe that the simple act of donning a well cut dress or jacket has the visible effect of helping a person locate previously misplaced self-esteem. Helping women be able to afford this luxury is an understandable point of pride for Kary. She is a Self-Esteem Stylist.

Kary’s Daughter, Jenna, Sales Assistant & Photographer. Kary’s Mom and Founder Ruthy. Kary’s daughter Samm, in charge of all social media. And Kary. It’s a family affair.
The staff at Second Nature offer an environment of trust. It is a place where women can gather and be helped find just the right cut for their figure, just the right designer, a piece that will outlast any of the more disposable pieces, to find an item that will become a treasured staple in their wardrobe. And perhaps something else they may have lost along the way—self assurance. In Kary’s own words, “It’s so much more than just about the blouse.” Kary and her staff, who she says are like family, create the whole package of trust and quality and possibly more importantly, a commitment to their clientele’s happiness. They are creating an environment designed to bolster women and provide them with affordable luxury which can only help to improve one’s outlook. The clothing that doesn’t sell or isn’t a fit for Second Nature will find a home through the relationships Kary and her staff have developed with charities such as Juvenile Diabetes Association, Out of the Cold, churches and synagogues and, of course, Oasis, to name a few. It goes beyond dressing people well, they are environmentalists. Kary also facilitates philanthropy among her clients by offering the option that proceeds from the sale of their consigned items can go to charities if they so choose. Kary loves to reinvent and it has manifested to her making house calls to those overwhelmed by the prospect of re-designing their wardrobes to suit their lives. Kary will go into clients home and help them to separate, assess, organize and disperse unwanted items to either the appropriate charity or for consignment sale at her shop. It goes beyond just cleaning up a closet, it’s about creating calm and peace and she knows how impactful that can be to a person’s psyche. After sitting down with Kary Dick, I realized that it goes beyond simply dropping in to consign your luxury clothing, it’s about allowing Kary and her staff to help you re-imagine your life and how your sense of style may be impacted by that. She is a re-imaginista!  And I only had to make up one word.
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