Cook & Coburn at the AGO with Patti Smith – “Camera Solo” Exhibit Opening













New York City legend Patti Smith is an American singer-songwriter, poet and visual artist who has been called the “Godmother of Punk”. Patti had huge solo hits like “Horses” and “Gloria” and her live concerts are remembered for her stage performances where she would slither around the stage like a crazed snake with her audience hanging on her every nuance. From an early age Patti took photographs of anything and everything and after years of distilling her compositions to the bare minimum her most recent work shows what a masterful job she has done in taking everyday objects and creating visual poetry, which is exactly what you’ll see at her AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) exhibit entitled CAMERA SOLO. The exhibit consists of 75 photographs, many of which are of everyday objects like cutlery, loafers and bedspreads and even though these objects were owned by the famous like Virginia Wolf, Arthur Rimbaud and Susan Sontag it’s the items themselves that become “art”. Patti’s keen observations of the little things in life is a rare chance to see how effective understated and uncluttered compositions can be. Patti Smith’s exhibit CAMERA SOLO will run at the AGO till May 19/ 2013.

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Patti Smith and Joseph Mimran

John Coburn of “Cook & Coburn” had the opportunity to draw some of Patti’s work as well as capture her being interviewed by AGO Director Matthew Teitelbaum.




















Patti Smith: Camera Solo

February 9, 2013 – May 19, 2013

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