Camping Tips and Tricks by Sage Goldenberg – Beautifully Organized

Is camping on your to do list this summer? I will show you a variety of tips and tricks to make your next camping trip an enjoyable, organized success! Take a few moments to pick up an idea or two.

Happy Organizing!


About Beautifully Organized

 Beautifully Organized was established with the sole purpose of helping you realize the benefits of an organized home. What ultimately defines an organized home is establishing systems that work for you and allow you to enjoy your home to it’s full potential. A system should make it easier to find what your looking for, help you streamline the multiple priorities you juggle every day and make your home feel like a peaceful and enjoyable space. Whether you need help in your existing home or you are moving to a new home, Beautifully Organized is a uniquely tailored solution that will meet and exceed your needs.

About Sage, Chief Organizer

Sage, Beautifully Organized Chief Organizer, has a natural ability to makeover a space that is cluttered and chaotic to a space that is functional and beautiful. She has moved from coast to coast having to constantly tweak her personal organizing systems to work with different spaces. Using her personal experience and professional expertise she is able to help clients’ create life long solutions in their own homes. Whether you are downsizing or moving your household, Sage will make the process easy, fun and successful!


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