In Case Of Emergency – Be prepared for Your Pet! By Caley Morris

Many pets are considered to be members of the family and we certainly want to protect them. The best way to care for your pet in an emergency is to be prepared and have a plan in place before there is a problem.

Preventative Measures:

Being educated in pet first aid and CPR can mean the difference between life and death, temporary and permanent disability, expensive vet bills and reasonable home care, and a fast recovery and long recuperation for your pet.

Have a first aid kit in a portable container with clear instructions for your pet’s care and up-to-date medications for them. Keep a file with your pet’s medical records and veterinary contact information.

Have a sign in the window or entrance of your home that indicates the number and kinds of pets that live there. This will aid in notifying firefighters or other emergency care workers.

Have A Plan:

If you are stuck or injured have a plan in place. Arrange for a trusted friend, family member, neighbour or pet sitter to care for your pet(s). Keep emergency information in your wallet. If you become incapacitated it’s important to be able to let others know you have a pet at home that needs to be cared for, and who should be contacted for their care.

Have an identification tag in addition to microchipping dogs and cats, as well as a leash, harness, or secure carrier ready. It’s essential to be able to restrain and have control of a nervous or scared pet.

Know where the emergency vet hospitals are and have their contact information in case your regular vet is closed. Often emergencies happen when you least expect it, and can be during off hours.

Picture Perfect:

Put a picture of you with your pet in your wallet or purse, and pet first aid kit. This way if your pet is lost or something else happens, you have some document as proof of ownership. It would also aid others in helping to find and ID your pet. On the back of the picture, you should include the following information: pet’s name, your cellphone number and address, any ID they are wearing and microchip number, your pet’s breed, sex, age, colour, weight, and any distinguishing features.

Being proactive and preparing today will be most beneficial to help your pet in an emergency.

caleymorrisCALEY MORRIS is the owner of Metro DogStop, providing dog daycare, walking, grooming and boarding services in Toronto since 1995. METRODOGSTOP.COM

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