Celebrate Father’s Day

Books About Dads for Kids and Family

Last month’s Hooked on Books featured picks for moms. This June is all about dads. Luckily, there is plenty of material on the subject. There are so many great books about dads – and written by dads – that it’s hard to choose a favourite!

It doesn’t end there – Father’s Day provides a unique opportunity to celebrate and read about a variety of male role models. So grab your children, nieces and nephews, or grandchildren and start reading!

Here are four recommendations for your Father’s Day reading list:

Dads will delight in teaching baby words, like’dada’


Your Baby’s First Word will be DADA
Written by Jimmy Fallon, Illustrated by Miguel Ordóñez
For ages: 1 – 3

Last month, I featured Everything is MAMA from famous Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon. Before this hit, he wrote the New York Times’ bestseller, Your Baby’s First Word will be DADA. His intention and hope is to help fathers out by inspiring babies to say, ‘Dada’ as their first word.

The delightful illustrations and cute premise are sure to entertain the entire family. 


Bagels and grandads are sure to garner a smile




The Bagel King
Written by Andrew Larsen, Illustrated by Sandy Nichols
For ages: 3 – 7

This picture book is perfect to spotlight grandfathers, and gives a nod to Jewish heritage, with a sprinkling of Yiddish words throughout its pages.

Eli looks forward to Sunday, when his Zaida (grandfather) brings fresh bagels for them to eat together. But what happens when Zaida falls and hurts his ‘tuches,’ and can no longer deliver delicious bagels? This feel-good story celebrates both a love of bagels and the beautiful bond between a grandchild and grandparent. 

Celebrate history’s everyday heroes



The Book of Heroes: Tales of History’s Most Daring Guys
Written by Crispin Boyer
For ages: 8 – 12

For students who enjoy reading about heroes, there is no shortage in this book. There are more than 100 stories about leading men, legendary lads, game changers, heroes for hire, peace heroes, action heroes, inspiring minds, and even outstanding animals.


Readers will learn about Terry Fox, Steve Irwin and Bill Nye the Science Guy, just to name a few featured role models. It may even inspire the next generation of heroes and heroines!

Cook things up in the kitchen with Corbin’s cookbook






In Good Company: Easy Recipes for Everyday Gatherings
Written by Corbin Tomaszeski, with Karen Geier
For: Dad

This cookbook captures Chef Corbin’s combined experience as a professional chef, husband, and father to three boys. The pages are filled with home cooking tips, personalised stories, and family pictures.

There is truly something for all palates. Great household recipes, such as breakfast pizza and cookie whoopie pie, are also included. This title is a true celebration of family and makes a perfect Father’s Day gift!



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