Choosing A Good Dance School – Important Things You Should Know When Deciding

Important elements to look for when choosing a dance school:
  • Small class sizes mean individual attention and guidance.
  • Consider the size and number of studios as well as flooring used. Sprung dance floors covered with specialty dance flooring help reduce injuries and allow students to dance longer before getting tired.
  • Trained and specialized dance teachers offer a higher caliber of training and are equipped to support different children’s personalities and needs.
  • Floor length mirrors in the studio allow dancers to see their feet from any spot in the room to understand and apply corrections.
  • Live piano accompaniment for ballet classes means children are exposed to quality music and a professional learning atmosphere.
  • A nurturing and caring community is the foundation of a positive learning environment and allows for the growth of lifelong friendships.
  • Years of experience in making dance fun and a record of providing quality dance instruction


Dance examinations are very important as they offer parents and students an independent, professional report on progress and standards. Ballet Examinations are offered by the world-renowned Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) method. This prestigious association reaches 250,000 students in approximately 40 countries throughout the world, examining in 15 levels of ballet. Founded in 1920, this organization aims to develop and promote the knowledge, understanding and practice of dance internationally. This method provides students with the finest training possible, while encouraging each child to develop physically and emotionally. Jazz and Tap Examinations are offered by Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT). The nationally recognized ADAPT syllabus was formed in 1979 by Brian Foley with the intent of providing Canadian students with strong technical training combined with artistic expression. The ADAPT Syllabus is taught in over 150 Canadian Dance Studios.

Annual Recital

Professionally run recitals offer an amazing performance opportunity. This full-length production creates a wonderful memory for young students and their families. Students perform choreographies created for them by talented faculty, providing young artists with the opportunity to develop their dance personalities.

Why Choose Dance

Dance training has physical benefits:
  • Increasing physical exercise and stamina
  • Improving physical and mental energy
  • Developing correct posture
  • Instilling positive health habits
Dance training develops skills:
  • Developing co-ordination and bodily awareness
  • Increasing reflex skills
  • Accentuating muscle tone
  • Assisting with correct breathing
  • Improving musicality
  • Growing poise needed for self-confidence
Dance training also teaches:
  • Self-discipline
  • Concentration
  • Dedication
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Accomplishment
  • Stage experience

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