Choosing Reliable Trades

The Trade-Off

Hiring reliable trades, prior to a home renovation, is integral to the quality and completion of a project, throughout a build or renovation. There are several factors to consider: knowing what makes a trade reliable, and understanding the  logistics and necessities of contracting a job out. 

The All-in-One

Rather than hiring individual trades (a costly process), hiring a contractor who already works with reliable trades is more efficient, and cost-effective. I don’t sub out to the cheapest trade out there. I have loyal tradesmen that are part of my team. So that’s important to me. I trust my trades to look out for my projects, and to do due diligence, to tell me if something needs to be changed or repaired, or if somebody else’s work isn’t good. 

Finding a good contractor is part and parcel to finding good tradespeople, whether electricians or plumbers

Licensed to Thrill

Whether the nature of the work is structural, plumbing, or electrical, trades have to be licensed. They have to have their WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board). See their work, and talk to their references; see a project upfront; It’s always good to  know what they’re presently working on; it’s a bad sign if they aren’t working on something. 

Also, insurance. They have to have renovation/construction insurance, in case something goes wrong, which isn’t the homeowner’s fault. Homeowners also have to have insurance in case the contractor or trade encounters a problem, and doesn’t have insurance. 

A written contract is another layer of protection

And, a written contract. The contract benefits the contractor and the client. It’s to benefit everybody, so everything stays in line. 

Foresight is 20-20

Homeowners aren’t psychics, so it’s not easy for them to predict the gymnastics required throughout the process of a build/renovation. Hiring trades with the foresight to see the design elements, and how they’re going to affect the renovation, is key. 

The Advance

Another big thing: money. If any contractor says that they need all the money upfront, it’s already a strike. People always pay too much down, without getting the value of what they’ve put into the build. Transparency’s really important in this business. Transparency of the invoices, transparency of the trades.

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