Cleansing Clarified – Part 3

Lasting Detox Results through Soul-Nourishing Self-Kindness

Detoxes inherently help to rejuvenate the body by stripping out the things that are physically burdening us. Frequently, people don’t realise that when we remove bad stuff, good stuff can go with it. A good detox should always have a replenishment phase which reintroduces additional nourishing foods, good bacteria, and foundational nutrients. It should also offer nourishment for the soul. In this third and final part of our detox series, we shine a light on the replenishment  phase – with a soulful twist! Why do we need to nourish the soul? Some say the soul is the conscious life-force of the human body. Without soul-health, we never truly have bodily health. There is a quotation from King Soloman which states, “Your own soul is nourished when you are kind; it is destroyed when you are cruel.” The same way we replenish the body with food, we must replenish the soul with kindness – a kindness that begins within ourselves.
Step-by-step: Find joy and comfort in the little things
How can you achieve this self-kindness for soulful replenishment? Here are 3 soul-nourishing keys: 1. Find Your Joy Do more of what you love; do what makes you happy. Have you been hearing this a lot lately? That’s because it’s the first step in cultivating self-love and kindness. It’s about doing something nice for yourself every day. When you believe that you deserve the time to do something positive and meaningful for yourself, once you make the effort, you will experience joy, while shedding the limiting beliefs which keep you from moving forward in life and in health.  
Frame your thoughts cohesively and positively
2. Thematic Thoughts Do you recognise running themes in your daily thoughts? Are your automatic thoughts self-loving, self-serving, or hyper-critical? A popular technique which clinical psychologists use to rewire thought patterns is called cognitive reframing. It entails recognising that it’s not about what happens to you, but about how you frame it. By adopting more positive themes in your thoughts, you will begin to see life with a fresh lens and a brighter perspective. Stress and anxiety decrease; overall well-being and confidence grow.
Be presesnt: Goals are achieved by living in the now
3. Golden Goals Have you ever tried to set goals, only to find that they cause more anxiety because you’re either falling behind, or getting really close to achieving them? The secret is in a strategy that we learned from our mentors, which we use to help our patients. Set goals with the knowledge that right now is what you have. The key is to set your goal and, rather than focusing on your goal, focus on where you are right now. Effectively, ‘set it and forget it.’ Your goal will be reached if you remain in a state of self-love, joy and ease.   Dr. Quinn Hand, ND & Dr. Sindy Shin, ND share a passion for teaching women, moms and families about the sustainable and natural ways to take care of their health, so it can take care of them. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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