Wake up a Whole New Way, Stacia Carlton Discovers “Scramble” and Finds that Nutritious “ZING” Moment

You know that feeling you get when you stumble upon something new that meets all of your own personal criteria for ‘fabulousity’? (it’s a word… I just made it up.) You know immediately that it’s about to take up a new place in your life… one of significance. Maybe you get that feeling when you meet someone with whom you have a lot in common. Maybe it’s similar interests, or just the same goofy sense of humour. Or maybe you get that feeling when you walk into a new store in your neighbourhood and discover that it exemplifies your exact aesthetic. You know that you’ll never have to shop for clothing anywhere else, ever again. It’s that moment of ZING, that place in your mind where your dance moves are flawless, you hit every note in karaoke AND every single pair of jeans makes your butt look perfect.

I had that exact feeling recently when I was introduced to Warren Wilson Jr. and Marc Garscon of Clever Foodies. I met the pair when they were in town promoting their aptly named new product “Scramble”. Scramble is so unique and yet so simple in concept that it became a face/palm moment for me as soon as I saw the ingenuousness of it. Small batch cooked vegetables in three different flavour profiles (Mediterranean, Leafy Greens and Ranchero) ready to be tossed in a pan with a few eggs for a wonderfully balanced, healthy and nutrient rich meal.

They’re pretty excited about it and it’s certainly easy to see why. Marc and Warren launched their company “Clever Foodies” and specifically the brand new category product called “Scramble” less than a year ago and it has taken off, like a rocket. You sort of can’t help but be excited with them. The very instant I learned about “Scramble” I saw a vast array of possible uses for this brilliant idea. As with most health conscious consumers the nutrition label was the first place I looked and I was impressed.  All real ingredients cooked in small batches which allows for the quality to shine and at only 40 calories per serving (and important issues such as fat, cholesterol and sugars kept at bay) it seems a no-brainer for adding at will and yes, even with abandon!


The idea that you can have an easy and healthy solution to a sometimes hectic morning schedule is clever to say the least. Of course they’re designed for, and perfect with eggs, be it scramblers, omelette or a gorgeous and always elegant frittata, but imagine tossing a few spoonfuls into some cooked pasta. Add some chicken or shrimp or even keep it simple with a bit of crumbled feta cheese… Voila! A quick and easy weekday dinner! Or how about whipping up a batch of savoury muffins using these deliciously seasoned vegetables as a key component. I personally cannot wait to try doing a stuffed baked potato with the Ranchero flavour the next time I have a gang over. It is entirely likely that bacon will be happening! I will go so far as to say that this stuff is amazing just as is… straight out of the container… with a sLeafy Greens Pastapoon, but I might suggest serving it with some crusty bread as a dip if anyone is watching… or hoping to be included!

I think you can now see that this was one of those ZING moments for me. I encourage you all to pop out to your local Metro and find some “Scramble” (it’s beside the eggs) today.

staciacarltonStacia Carlton is a culinary school grad and food writer with a commitment to healthy, real and most importantly simply delicious food. Find her weekly at www.bestillandeat.com
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