Code4Armour, A New Product That Could Save Your life

braceletphone When trying to save a life, every second counts. And when information can make the difference between life and death, there’s not a second to lose. The Code4Amour alert bracelet makes access to vital information instant. “Being on the front line trying to save lives is a huge responsibility for paramedics and emergency-services workers,” explains Mark Litman, a paramedic who invented the Code4Amour bracelet in 2009. “I wanted to find a way to give first responders a head start in an emergency.” “When I arrive on the scene,” adds Mr. Litman, “I know nothing about my patient: not their name, age, state of health, medical history, medications, or potential life-threatening or life-altering medical conditions.” The current alert bands on the market require first responders to read small print on the back of a bracelet, and then to make a collect call to a centre for more information. “This process does not work,” Mr. Litman says emphatically. “The responder can’t spend time on the phone hoping to get answers and work on the patient at the same time. They need to be hands free while getting key information simultaneously.” The Code4Armour alert bracelet does just that. An innovative update, the waterproof and shockproof silicone band has an NFC (Near-field communications) chip embedded into it, making information accessible via any browser over the Internet. First responders just touch their NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to the band and within two seconds the responder can start working on the patient while all the right information is broadcast from the speaker of their device… Most exciting, Code4Armour is designed for everyone, not just for individuals with life-threatening or life-altering medical conditions. Built to dynamically store and manage each person’s personal medical and other information, .. Code4Armour gives customers full control of their own medical profiles for the first time. Individuals can securely manage information, such as emergency contacts, blood type, weight, height, health insurance number(s), life-threatening and/or life-altering conditions, medical history, charts (e.g. x-rays), medications, legal documents (e.g. organ-donor cards), family medical history, and more. The person’s picture can also be uploaded, making identification even easier. Users select which information they want broadcast in an emergency, and which information remains confidential for authorized medical personnel only. The Code4Armour band can be scanned at walk-in-clinics, pharmacies, or by doctors and specialists, ensuring medical personnel are fully of aware of the patient’s current medical state and history. “Although our system for information-access and hands-free broadcast is the most advanced on the market today, we hope our customers will never have to use it,” explains Justin Phillips, CEO and Co-Founder.  “What makes Code4Armour so innovative is the medical-profile management solution that has every-day applications for ongoing management of your personal health.” Code4Armour will be available across Toronto in late spring/early summer 2014. With a minimal cost for the band and a monthly subscription fee equivalent to purchasing one latté a month for a single user, its value is tremendous. Family packages will also be available. For more information on this unique and cost-effective solution, visit our booth at the Not Just Another Health & Wellness Show on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at the Paradise Banquet Hall 7601 Jane St., Vaughan, Ontario. Read more at or email your questions or comments to

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