Creepy Crafting Projects

Crafting with your children is a fantastic way to spend quality time together. Moreover, creating scary Halloween decorations is always fun, regardless of your age!

These two craft projects can be a bit messy, but are definitely fabulous for keeping children happily entertained, in addition to promoting their fine motor skills, creativity and self-expression. Both craft projects use paper mache, making them extremely inexpensive. They also use recycled products, creating an ideal opportunity for talking to kids about reducing, reusing and recycling!

Paper Mache:

Simply mix one part flour with two parts water. Although the paper mache should have the consistency of thick glue, it should be runny, as opposed to pasty. You can add more flour or water as necessary. Combine the mixture until no lumps remain. You can also add in a splash of white glue, which will help to make the paper mache stronger. Next, take some newspaper and rip it into strips. Dip the strips into the glue mixture, running your index and middle fingers along each one to remove any excess glue. Finally, stick one strip at a time onto your the surface of your project.

Bat Project:

These bats are fantastic for hanging from the ceiling or front porch. Use a fishing string to hang them, and they’ll look like they’re flying around!


Paper Mache

Newspaper ripped into shreds

Cardboard (for wings and ears – size is up to you!)

Exacto knife

Masking tape


Newspaper, scrunched into a ball


1)   Secure your newspaper ball by wrapping it with masking tape.

2)   Draw bat wings onto the cardboard and cut them out with the Exacto knife.

3)   Using the Exacto knife, cut slits for the wings into the newspaper ball.

4)   Cut out two small triangles from the cardboard for ears. Use masking tape to secure them to the top of the bat.

5)   Cover the bat in paper mache, letting dry for 24 hours.

6)   Decorate!


 Tombstone Project:

These are great for decorating the inside of your home, especially if you’re hosting a Haunted House or Halloween party.


Paper Mache

Newspaper, ripped into shreds

Cardboard (enough to draw two tombstones that are equal in size)

Exacto knife

Masking tape



1)   Use the marker to draw the shape of your tombstone on the cardboard, and cut it out with the Exacto knife. Draw a second tombstone shape by tracing your original cutout on the remaining cardboard. Cut this out with the Exacto knife as well.

2)   Use large, scrunched up pieces of newspaper for sandwiching between the two tombstone faces. Next, use the masking tape to work like hinges over the two boards.

3)   Before covering your tombstone with paper mache, make sure it can stand up on its own.

4)   Allow to dry for 24 hours before painting.

5)   Paint and decorate as you please!

Nikki Goldman-Stroh is a Registered Canadian Art Therapist and the Director/Owner of Seasons Family Centre.

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