Curbing the Halloween Sweet Tooth by, Rachel Schwartzman #wellbeingwednesday

With Halloween just around the corner, and those little chocolate treats about to take over the household, I thought I’d share with you some ways to diminish that sweet tooth this time of year.

While sugar may taste great, it does have negative effects on the body including; leaching essential minerals, depressing the immune system, contributing to obesity, mood imbalances, and memory problems, it’s even been linked to cancer. Reducing sugar is important to your overall health, and while a few Halloween treats here and there might be ok, those tiny morsels can add up to larger amounts before you know it.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Pick out a few of your favorites and get rid of the rest! Take them to work, share them with family members, put them out with a “free sign”, just get them out of your house. You can try “selling” your children’s candy to the store for a “reasonably priced” toy and the kids are beyond thrilled. It’s a win-win situation.

Don’t start your day off with sugar. Having a few small chocolates first thing in the morning is a sure fire way to mess up your blood sugar levels for the rest of the day. If you start the day by spiking your blood sugar levels it’s hard for the body to regulate itself. Focus on oatmeal with fruit and nuts, an egg on toast, or a protein smoothie, and forget those sugary treats.

Ditch the white sugar and go for the fruit. This is an easy tip that can satisfy your sugar cravings and will also give your body the vitamins, minerals, fiber and water it needs to keep energy your energy levels up in the day. A health tip is to put out a variety of washed and cut up fruit first thing in the morning, making them accessible to snack on throughout the day.

Have protein with each meal. I find this to be really helpful. Since making an effort in my own diet to have protein with each meal, my sugar cravings have been dramatically reduced. Include nuts and seeds, yogurt, cheese, eggs, and lean meats. A good quality protein powder is another option that can be added to oatmeal, cereal and smoothies.

Read labels. Sugar is hidden in so many foods, it’s astonishing really. It can be in pasta sauce, salad dressings, crackers, breads, along with the obvious cookies and cakes. You really need to be a detective and read labels.

It really is about moderation. I know it’s fun to indulge over Halloween, but do it for a night (or two J ) and then move on. I hope you find these tips helpful and wish you all a happy and safe Halloween.

Rachel_Schwartzman_HSRachel Schwartzman is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Doula and Acupuncturist. She practices in Toronto and can be reached at 416-371-3422. To learn more about Dr. Rachel take a peek at

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