Day of the Dead Celebration|Celebracion del Dia de Muertos |Nov 1, 2014 |4 – 10pm


The Day of the Dead celebration was declared by UNESCO in 2008 an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity; it is on this context that the Día de los Muertos collective offers to the public an opportunity to experience this ancient tradition, that keeps transforming itself as it is brought and shared outside of Mexico by members of the Mexican community and, in many cases, residents of very varied cities across the globe.

“We believe in tradition as a way to preserve our identity and strengthen self-esteem, which is essential to thrive in a new culture”, said Jesus Mora, Artistic Director of the Day of the Dead Collective, “The Day of the Dead celebration belongs to those interested in understanding and preserving our traditions, and we welcome their participation”.

The Day of the Dead in Toronto has been organized following the same formula from its humble origins in Jesus Mora’s studio – where less than 50 people attended – the celebration welcomed over 1500 people in 2013. The quality of this event along with its objectives and the presence of the community garnered the support of the Ontario Arts Council for this year’s celebration.

Admission is free for all ages.

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