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Dear Realtor,

My feelings are hurt!! The recommended stager wants to make all sorts of changes to our home, which is packed with warm memories, family pictures, unique furniture, and bold colour choices. One of the bedrooms has been converted to an office, and the other is filled with boxes and cast-offs from the kids’ university days.


Why would we go to the trouble of clearing these spaces for showings?


We’re taking all our things with us when we move. Won’t the buyers be able to visualise how they could live in the space, and understand (and forgive) our slightly cluttered, crowded home? 

– Original Flair

Simple things such as removing personal photographs and belongings can quickly convert into a sale

Dear Original Flair,

Change can be overwhelming!!! Keep the end goal in mind. Your advisors on this sale want you to achieve the best possible results. They understand what a buyer is looking for, and how best to set your home to achieve the end goal.


Removing personal belongings is a way of protecting you and your family from being in the spotlight during the sale, which allows the buyers to imagine themselves in the space


Painting, clearing, and cleaning spaces will show them at their best and highest use, so the buyer clearly envisions the potential of their potential new home. It’s not you for sale, it’s your home..Your memories stay with you, the buyers will make their own.

Think before you leap! The mistake of mistrusting your realtor could cost you your dream home

Dear Realtor,

Not sure what to do, or which way to turn. I’m running out of options. I’ve loved and lost. Story goes… girl meets boy, marries boy, decides to start family with boy…Now, my situation is desperate!!


Girl seeks nest in which to settle with boy, and loses nest to a higher bidder. I keep replaying the scenario in my head


The minute we walked in the door, I knew it was love at first sight. The shape of the rooms, the charming location, and the well-sized bedrooms, and fabulously appointed kitchen. Our realtor is highly recommended by friends, and has been working successfully in the industry for many years. Plus, she has the utmost respect of her peers. Unfortunately, we disbelieved her advice on offer night. Much to our dismay, she was right, and we were oh-so wrong!

– Disbelieving Debbie

Finding your dream home, and then, losing it because you didn’t trust your experienced realtor is a double whammy

Dear Disbelieving Debbie,

Being in a family way can cloud a girl’s judgement. Not only are you fighting hormones, you are fighting a lack of inventory in a high-demand marketplace.


You need to take a leap of faith and realise that you’re working with a highly recommended professional with many years’ experience in buying homes


She is experienced and respected for a reason, and also, good at her job of positioning clients to make educated, informed decisions. Allow her to guide you home. Look at the bright side – there are many great homes still to arrive on the market, and sometimes, you need to lose a home in order to build trust with the person who will ultimately help you buy a home.


The events and people depicted in this article are fictitious.
Any similarities to any person, living or dead, are coincidental.




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