Diary of a New Mama

Daytime dramas of motherhood 

(From an overjoyed, but exhausted, new mama)

How do you find routine in the chaos of motherhood? Ok, chaos may be a bit of a dramatic word to describe being a new mom. However, it is a good way of describing how things felt early on. Everyone forewarns you about the sleepless nights, so you brace yourself for extreme tiredness. Yet, it’s the daytime routine that’s also a huge adjustment. I found this daytime adjustment and the emotions associated with it to be less talked about. So, let’s talk!

Everyone forewarns you about the sleepless nights, so you brace yourself for extreme tiredness

Admittedly, I am a creature of habit. I love my routine and schedule, the organisational flow of the day. Then, you have a baby and your entire flow is disrupted. You mourn the loss of your independent schedule, while you simultaneously celebrate the dependence of your baby, who looks to you as their everything! 

Establishing a comfort level is essential to motherhood



As you transition into your new motherhood role, you find your new normal. Whatever works for you, and your baby, to have as smooth of a day as possible. This may mean different things for different moms and babes.

For us, it was all about finding a good nap schedule for a very alert baby who resists napping (doesn’t sleep in strollers, swings, car seats, etc.).

I won’t get into the boring details of our day (it’s a lot of singing, laughing, crying, cuddles, feeding, hair pulling, walks, and chores), however, I am still trying to find my groove.

Even though the days are repetitive, they are equally different. Some days are peaceful and fun. Other days are total gong shows. Some days, you long for the routine that you once had when you didn’t have a little one.

Most days, you are in complete awe of your baby, who has totally captivated your world. It’s an ebb and flow of letting go of the old routine, and embracing the new.






The most important lesson I’ve learned is to practise and cultivate living in the moment each day, a life skill that is essential – whether you are adjusting to a new routine, or not.




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