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DNA Labs Benefits Patients through Customised Genetic Testing

Walking into the workspace offices of DNA Labs, the words progressive, visionary and innovative immediately came to mind. Words I would use to describe the company itself.

I met with Chief Executive Officer, Moni Lustig and Chief Science Officer, Aaron Goldman to discuss their revolutionary new company. Established in December of 2016, DNA Labs has already created two game-changing products with it’s third due to debut at any moment. On point with what is happening on the health and wellness forefront, these products allow one to unlock many answers to their health needs and concerns as well as to create a personalized manual on how to achieve optimum health.

DNA Labs’ CSO, Aaron Goldman (2nd from left), and CEO Moni Lustig (2nd from right) with colleagues

Goldman managed a “high-throughput genomics lab at Mount Sinai Hospital, where researchers from all over the world would send samples in for genetic analysis.”

Staff ran the samples through extensive machines and would return the genetic data accordingly.

In 2007, with the invention of Next- Generation Sequencing, “which, for DNA technology is akin to moving from typewriters to the invention of computers,” says Goldman, the result was a more cost-effective genetic analysis and “enabl(ed) researchers to understand so much about how our DNA works.” With drastically lower operating costs, it was then possible to create a commercial
product for the widespread audience to allow all to benefit from DNA testing.

…The result [of Next-Generation Sequencing]…enabl[ed] researchers to understand so much about how our DNA works

MatchMyMeds was the first product created. Gathering genetic data through a simple cheek swab can determine an individual’s compatibility with pharmaceuticals, of both the natural and synthetic varieties. “With medicine one size does not fit all” states the company’s website. MatchMyMeds creates a personalized report that determines the right drug and right dose, alleviating guesswork that could lead to an adverse reaction one may have to a medication.

With medicine, one size does not fit all – www.dnalabs.ca

The non-invasive cheek swab is sent to the lab where scientists run tests to see how personalized samples metabolize with several commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals. This testing has enormously helped in prescribing depression and anxiety meds as well as various pain management and cardiovascular meds to name a few. This product is revolutionary in that it tailor makes a road map by which pharmaseuticals can be correctly administered. The data can be sent directly to one’s physician, prescriptions then sent directly to the patient with utmost precision and accuracy.

LoveMyHealth: A personalised health and lifestyle kit, based on individual genetic analysis

DNA Labs’ second product, LoveMyHealth, is a lifestyle product. Like MatchMyMeds, this product is available online. Delivered to your home, one can collect the cheek swab in the comfort of home then send it back to the lab by return mail. It is so simple. The results are a personalized, complex diagram of one’s health and wellness. It is an atlas to one’s health and well-being. This product determines a wide range of health and lifestyle factors that are individual to each client.

The 8 main categories are, Diet, Sensitivities, Specific Nutrient Needs, Physical Fitness, Mental Health, Detox, Obesity Risk and Hormonal Health.

Tailored results which cater to the individual client’s needs

With the Baby Boomer generation aging and fiercely trying to hang on to vitality and active living, this product is a compulsory buy. This product will also greatly help navigate health and lifestyle issues families in children and aging parents alike.

On the heels of these two amazing products, as if on cue, will be the launch of a product, which tests one’s compatibility to medicinal cannabis. TestMyTolerance is slated for a mid-October release, around the time when legislation to legalize medical marijuana is expected to be implemented.

Never before has there been more focus on health and wellness. With this data, one can better plan to live a healthier life. A simple cheek swab and minimal cost (*the price of the MatchMyMeds and LoveMyHealth test kits are $360 and $349, respectively) can unlock a plethora of priceless information to optimize one’s health and one’s life. I plan to get mine today.

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