Do Good. Feel Good. Look Good – More Than Skin Deep

Do good. Feel good. Look good. That is what Paula does every day. 

Step into Beauty Lounge Salon and Spa at 1500 Bathurst St and leave your stress at the door. Reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, the spa is designed with a colour palette that captures the calm of the ocean, making you feel like a beautiful spring flower emerging through the heavy, melting snow. 

It was Paula’s calm, reassuring voice that propelled a local woman’s visit. Julie had suffered a miscarriage and subsequent depression; she couldn’t bring herself to leave her house for four long months. After speaking to Paula on the phone, she felt confident enough to emerge and travel to the salon. It was there that she found solace in a supportive, encouraging environment and was able to feel “whole” again. Paula innately sees the beauty from within and pulls that beauty to the surface, thus helping create one’s best self.   

Paula is a hair and makeup stylist by profession and an ordained minister and chaplain by vocation. She has a passion for the underdog and started mentoring women years ago after observing a well-qualified woman being turned down for a job because of how she presented herself.  This is how Dress for Success was born. With help from companies such as Shopper’s Drug Mart and Holiday Inn, Paula was able to provide sponsorships and scholarships to help youth at risk and those living in underprivileged communities. She provided styling, organized a clothing donation drive, taught skills on managing finance, health and grooming and how to present in a job interview. Women were able to access a free clothing bank to outfit themselves in business attire that would have been previously unattainable for them. Paula helps them get a leg up through connections and mentorship. 

Presently Paula is mentoring five young teens and adults and is involved in many community programs such as Clean Up the Don River and Hope Worldwide.  

Her passion for creating a caring, responsible environment in the community is very important to her and is very apparent in how she runs her salon.  

As proprietor, Paula has created an eco-friendly and family friendly community hub in St. Clair West that is an oasis for the mind, body and soul. All are welcome, whether it’s a young girl’s first spa experience or a caregiver’s much needed pampering. Paula does the same at her salon as she does in her mentorship program: shine up the diamond from within. 

Beauty Lounge Salon and Spa is a designated Green Circle Spa. Products are sustainable and natural, and hair clippings, foils and product containers are repurposed and recycled. Most of Paula’s extensive lines of product are eco-friendly. Nail colour, hair colour and skin care such as Sparitual and Calura are all made with natural ingredients that are not only good for the environment, but also for the people who use it. Spa treatments are environmentally friendly and noninvasive. Oxygenated facials and radioactive anti-aging treatments offer state of the art procedures at a minimal risk to the client. Hair is donated for environmental causes such as oil spills, and products are properly recycled rather than pitched onto landfills. This is truly about giving back to the community and to the planet. 

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