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Alright, so I’m no Rosa Parks.  For those who read my Can’t Afford Rob Ford rant last week, I have to apologize for not attending Saturday’s anti-Ford rally like I said I would.  I know I was all hopped up on banner-toting social justice when I said it, and I am still as disgusted by Mayor Rob Ford today as I was on Friday.  I just needed a break from the man.  Oh, and my dog ate my placard.

So the weekend was slated as Ford-Freedom, centered not on explanations of why grownups who do bad things don’t get punished, but more on shared family time.  After the usual run of hockey games and birthday parties, it culminated in a trip to the SkyDome (sorry, I’ll never call it the Rogers Centre) to watch the Argos play in the Eastern Conference Final.  That’s CFL football for those not in the know, which is much like the NFL only our balls are bigger (no, literally).

I stood in the stands and cheered our team on, giving myself a near aneurism finger-whistling for all I’m worth.  But in the end, my retina-shattering frequencies did little to spare the Argos from their crushing defeat at the hands of the Hamilton Tigercats.  We mopped up our tears (mostly the grown mens’) and got our things on to go.

As we did the walk of shame through the hoards of jeering Ti-cat fans, there seemed to be a mobbed commotion making its way toward the same exit we were heading for.  With police officers now pushing their way through screaming fans, we huddled the kids close to us and exited the building just as the mob crushed its way through the doors right beside us.  I looked over and, lo and behold, my Ford-Free weekend had come to a crashing halt.

There, surrounded by the likes of a Gerry Springer studio audience, was Rob Ford, leaving the game he was specifically asked not to attend by the CFL Commissioner.  Most galling (if there can be a most) was the smirk on his face as he did so.

I’m sorry, when is that next protest rally again?  Ugh …


Andie Duncan

Andie Duncan’s ability to communicate has taken her from JUNO Nominated songwriter to published author.  As an older mom to two young kids, she relies on the humour in everyday life to inspire her stories, if not to ensure her very survival.

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