Don’t Take a Break – “I was pushed and shoved around a lot by Perseverance.”

“Life means to be living. Problems will always be there.  When they arise navigate through them with yoga- don’t take a break.” ~ BKS Iyengar

On my summer staycation I was reacquainted with a past lover. It was somewhat less sweet than just a sighting and more like I had the wind knocked out of me. Kind of awkward when you are enjoying what cottage life has to offer you, with your “Forever”, wouldn’t you say? But in this case, my past devotee was a complete inspiration for my very own romantic hideaway.

Not each lover, soul mate or belief we experience is meant to last forever. Some lovers teach us how to love ourselves better. Some members of our soul tribe are meant to challenge and awaken us so our soul can evolve into a higher state of consciousness. Some beliefs we develop are meant to guide us and keep us grounded, ambitious, and help us with our staying power. I kept reminding myself of all of these positions, as I felt inhibited by the presence of my past love life.

This staycation I refer to, has been a rather robust vacation, with a sweet summer fling with Perseverance, resulting in a beautiful reminder and lesson in keeping me on this yogic path. This “time-off” from regular programming allowed me to re-establish a connection with Perseverance.  She danced through my bedroom at night as if given an invitation into my intimate fantasies. She pushed her heavy hand down on me when it was time to brace the elements and face fears like I experience in my yoga practice. She even made me remember why I ever had a relationship with her … passion and dedication.

Of course, on our cottage-get-away we did relax and play in Mother Nature’s playground. Dusk canoe rides, early dawn sun salutations, and midnight skinny dips but throughout all the romance and adoration, I was pushed and shoved around a lot by Perseverance. Most of us know intellectually if we persevere regardless of the difficulties, the sheer determination will outweigh even a failure. But finding continued discipline is the exact reason I can thank this loving soul tribal angel, I call Perseverance, for showing up on my cottage retreat.


Movement Monday:

When you take time out if you still fell like you are looking for an additional support system, recall the 5 Pillars of yoga that can guide you smoothly through any transition, anxious moment, or difficulty with determination. 1) Your Breath involves at least half of your body. Begin to simply observe your breath and notice its pace, length, ease, and texture. 2) Your Gaze determines how you may focus by finding one single motionless point to gravitate and stay connected with for an extended period of time. 3) Your Foundation is your stability, your current state of strength, and your ability to stay grounded. 4) Your Heat is what moves you, this is your passion, your resource center and the heart of your soul. 5) Your Movement can be your flow, your practice, your dance, your link to your breath.

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