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DOULA DIARIES: A Beautiful Way to Start a Day with Dr. Rachel Schwartzman #wellbeingwednesday

Dr. Rachel Schwartzman, N.D, L.Ac, Doula
I am always so honoured when a repeat client asks me to be at their next birth. Attending a birth is such a privilege, and this mamato-be, expecting baby number 3, holds a special place for me. Not only did I support her previous births, her family has come to me as a naturopathic practitioner over the years. We expected this third labour to follow the pattern of her previous 2 labours and occur close to her due date. We also anticipated it would be fast. Her first birth was quick once active labour was established and her second labour was even quicker. So when my phone rang at 6 am a few days before her due date, I knew what was happening. She told me she had a few mild contractions but nothing serious. She wanted to give me a head’s up and assured me she would call when things changed. She called again at 6:45. They had decided to go to the hospital as she was GBS positive and wanted to make sure she had time to get her IV antibiotics before the baby arrived. They would update me at the hospital. At 7:15 I got a text asking me to meet them. She was 7 cm! I got in my car and drove fast. The roads were getting busy with morning traffic. My heart was pounding. I was sure the baby was going to be born before I arrived. I parked my car and sprinted to the elevator. I was sweating. I entered the room. She lay on her side, quietly breathing on the bed. It was 7:40. Things intensified quickly. We placed cool cloths on her forehead and ice chips in her mouth. She suddenly had an intense urge to go to the bathroom. A baby’s head pushes on the rectum as the cervix fully dilates so women often have this sensation as a signal that the pushing phase of labour is about to begin. She sat up and wanted to go to the washroom. The nurse told her she didn’t have to go, but that she was ready to push. She gave 2 small pushes and then one long push and her beautiful baby was placed on her chest. It was 8:10. What an amazing way to start the day.

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