DOULA DIARIES – The Magic of Birth Days and Birthdays #wellbeingwednesday

Birthdays are so magical. No matter what age one of my children turns, it always takes me back to their “birth” day. In January, my daughter celebrated her 9th birthday and I still went back to the day she was born.

My first baby arrived 3 weeks early. I knew this 2nd baby of mine would be early too. At 38 weeks + 2 days, I woke up at 7:45 am to the sound of a loud “POP.” I wasn’t sure if I dreamt it or if it really happened. My water broke. I called the midwives and my doula. They arrived and quickly checked me. I was 8 cm dilated.

I was so excited. There was not much more to go. Then I remembered the fear. And with that, my contractions stalled. I was terrified of pushing. I had worked so hard with my first and I didn’t believe I was strong enough to do it again. My birth team comforted me. My doula massaged my feet. I spent a long time in the shower. I remember my midwife sitting outside the bathroom door on the stairs. She looked at me and said “you need to let this baby come.” I cried. I walked a few stairs beside where she was sitting. I remember taking deep exhalations and relaxing my pelvic floor. I suddenly had an incredible urge to push.

We went to my bed and I began to push. Because my contractions had been stalled, the baby was being squeezed for a long time and was not happy about it. We did some nipple stimulation and 3 pushes later our baby arrived. It was so much easier than I had remembered! It was 10 am.

I was convinced I was having a boy. My mom was there, it was her birthday, and she shouted “What is it?”
“Don’t look!” I said.
We had a few minutes of quietly not knowing.
Then I said, “Let’s look.”
“A girl” my mom shouted.
“What! a girl?!” I said.
For some reason I only envisioned boys.
My daughter is my love, my helper and the sweetest, most gentle little being.
Thank you for choosing me to be your mama.

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