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With Valentines Day in the air, we can expect to see Valentines Day “essentials” lining store shelves. Chocolates, candles, perfumes, and flowers are the usual suspects that are sold to the masses as they prepare for Valentines Day. Lots of these products are loaded with synthetic ingredients, hormone disrupting chemicals and sugar-laden fillers. That is so not sexy! This year let me help you plan a romantic evening in, with a healthy twist.


valentine invitation with hearts and red roses

When selecting flowers opt for local, fair trade and/or organic flowers. Ontario has a plethora of flower growers year round, so even during the cold month of February, you can bring a burst of Ontario beauty into your home. I know we don’t often associate local, fair trade and organic labeling for flowers, however, there is nothing romantic about flowers that can cause allergic reactions due to pesticide spray, or human rights violations from flower growers that don’t have labour laws for their employees. Check out EcoStems in Toronto’s Historic Corktown for a gorgeous array of eco flowers and plants ( They deliver too!

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Copa de vino tino con fuego de chimenea de fondo.

Valentine’s Day lands on a Saturday this year, the perfect ‘excuse’ to cozy up with your partner and sip delicious wine into the night. Sipping on local and organic wines is a healthier choice, not to mention exceptionally flavourful. One of my favourite Ontario wineries is Southbrook Vineyard (

Their wines are biodynamic and organic, which is a healthier option than the heavily sprayed grapes that often make it into your wine bottles. While you sip on your favourite red or white variety, you can feel good knowing that Southbrook’s commitment to green is at the forefront of their business. Now ain’t that a sexy thing!


dark chocolate

After the flowers have been given and the wine bottle has been popped open, it’s time to nibble on some chocolate. Chocolate, being one of the greatest aphrodisiacs, is the most popular Valentines Day treat. Sadly, many of the chocolates on the market are barely even chocolate. The ingredients are usually a mishmash of different types of sugars, hydrogenated oils and a pinch of cacao butter. This quality of chocolate will actually have the opposite affect of an aphrodisiac and cause your hormones to plummet. Thankfully, there are chocolates out there that stay true to their charming ways and get the libido going. Look for chocolate bars that have cacao butter or cacao beans as their first ingredient, and that the sweetener is from organic cane sugar, coconut sugar, or maple sugar. ( )

Bath and beyond!

Woman take bubble  bath.

Now that the romantic mood is set, unwind and relax with some candlelight and a warming luxurious bath. When it comes to candles look for 100% beeswax or organic vegetable waxes. Unscented is best, as the synthetic chemicals that burn from the candles are not ideal to inhale. The scent of the beeswax candle is naturally sweet, and is my favourite! If you want to add some fragrance to the space, try adding a few splashes of oil to your bath (jojoba or almond oil are incredibly moisturizing) and a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Valentines Day!!










Jaime Slavin is a nutritionist, guide, coach, motivator, educator and advocate for your health and well-being.


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