Dynamic Duo – Selecting the Perfect Tub and Vanity for your Bathroom

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Behind every great bathroom, is an even greater bathtub. The tub is the showpiece of the room, and for good reason. The room is named after this fabulous fixture, after all. As a designer, I am asked to assist in the design of many bathrooms, and I know the bathtub can make or break a bathroom design, so I encourage clients to give it the consideration it deserves – not to mention a little extra budget, if possible.


When shopping for a new bathtub, style and comfort are equally important. In other words, great bathrooms can’t compromise on either. Some sleek, sculptural soaker tubs border on art, and come in a seemingly endless array of shapes, sizes, finishes and materials.



A bold spin on a traditional style, the Drayton by V + A has a feminine appeal



Once you identify a look that you love, be sure to sit back (literally!) and give some thought to the tub’s shape and size, and how these suit your shape and size. Sit inside it, and get a good feel for the tub’s curves, height and interior angles. For this reason, I recommend buying a new bathtub in person, versus online.


Once you identify a look that you love, be sure to sit back (literally!) and give some thought to the tub’s shape and size, and how these suit your shape and size.


Designer Find: Victoria + Albert’s new Pembroke Collection includes a freestanding bathtub (pictured below) featuring crisp lines, graceful curves, and a silhouette that tapers toward the base to occupy less floor space than its straight-sided counterparts.



V + A’s Pembroke is an elegant freestanding tub of sleek, contemporary curves



But don’t be fooled, this tub is deep and dual-ended, allowing for ample space and soothing soaks for one – or two!


The Pembroke is available in your choice of exterior trending finishes, including Gloss Black, Matt Black, Matt White, Stone Grey, Light Grey, Anthracite, and QUARRYCAST® White.



Like the bathtub, your vanity should be a showpiece. This is particularly true of small bathrooms and powder rooms, where there is little room to make a big splash. Look for vanities boasting distinctive features, be it a unique washbasin, a splashy faucet or a striking base, to give your bathroom a fashionable and functional edge.


Trending now is open shelved units, an example of which is Victoria + Albert’s latest Metallo quartz washstand distinguished by its unusual metal legs, featuring right-angle tee joints inspired by retro bathroom plumbing.



The Metallo 61 Quartz design, the most compact model offered, measures just 24” w, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms and powder rooms.



Of course, function also plays an important role when selecting the right bathroom vanity. Is this an en suite for two, a private bathroom, or a powder room? Will you be using this area for grooming or to apply make-up? Other things to take into account: door swing, traffic flow, plumbing, and location of other fixtures, such as the toilet and tub. These will affect the vanity styles and specs best-suited to you.



A dash of modern flair to the vanity, the Pembroke 52 washbasin has depth and beauty



When browsing bathtubs and vanities, shop with both in mind. Remember that the most impactful statements are made by unified styles. You don’t necessarily have to select matching fixtures, or even pieces from the same brand. The key is to ensure your selections have a common aesthetic, be it traditional, modern, colour, or otherwise. The result will be a harmonious bathroom, where all the main elements sing the same tune.


SARA BEDERMAN Principal – Sara Bederman Design.  Over a decade this Toronto bespoke design firm has become known for creating stylish, thoughtfully curated, livable interiors. sarabederman.com

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