Dynamo the Dog, Perception is Everything.. #movementmonday

“By drawing our senses of perception inward, we are able to experience the control, silence, and quietness of the mind.”  ~ BKS Iyengar

Perception is everything…Last week I had the miserable duty of making the decision to euthanize my beloved dog. Dynamo was a special soul, one of a kind, a truly extraordinary animal. This became even more evident as we shared her departure from this world. This life experience advanced and replaced my current mind blowing and most beautiful memories of my life.

I spent the last several weeks studying Dyna’s happiness, her zest for life and her pain threshold. I was torn being in such control of her destiny. The decision was painfully confusing, filled with heartache, fear, and procrastination. I knew intellectually this was a peaceful choice and a kind offering. Emotionally, I was concerned for the loss my children would have to endure and the logistics of how and when to book this finality in the form of an appointment. It struck me when my daughter asked if the vet “kills” her and I had to find words to explain that euthanasia is peaceful, without malice or violence. It was then, I realized our insights regarding this act of humanity were of different minds.

Dynamo’s ability to emotionally give herself was more like a human than a canine. She had the intelligence to understand sadness, excitement, fear, and anger. She always came to console me in times of need. I knew our friendship was unique and it was now up to me to return all favours. As I faced her departure, I tried so hard to let her know this was her time and encouraged her to just “not wake up with us”. But through thick and thin, she was there to see us through another day.

Our final moment together was the greatest gift and spiritual moment Dyna and I shared. As I held her head, I experienced my old girl at her finest. She was young again for a moment. She was soft and warm and every muscle and bone that ached seemed healed and rejuvenated. I held her head until she passed, and it seemed to me her soul filled the air and her body was now resting comfortably. My heart ached and was broken.

I walked outside for a breath of fresh air and in true Dynamo nature; she gave me just what I needed. I opened my back door to a massive hawk that landed on my fence. She stood still and turned her head towards me much like and owl might. We made eye contact and I was in awe over her girth. That day, this bird of prey, came for my best friends’ soul. And in one foul swoop, she expanded her wings and flew off into sky. This was truly the last moment I shared with my beloved companion. She had been rescued, received, and protected by this Hawk. I will never know the truth why that bird came to visit, but my perception is she came to help us say goodbye.


MOVEMENT MONDAY: Downward Dog, Adho Mukhasvanasana


Downward dog is a foundational pose and should be treated and practiced in many variations to teach the body stability. You must first find your V-shape in your body with your hips pointing upwards, thighs pressing back, heels reaching behind you. And then mimicking the similar isolated actions in your upper body. Evenly distribute the amount of weight in your arms and legs. Use your hands and spread the flesh across the diameter of your palms. Look to your naval and breathe. And hold your pose for 5 to 10 mindful, lengthy, deep breaths.

headshotSam Bederman: Certified Yoga Instructor, (CYA-RYT) and Iyengar trained, uses Yoga to assist with healing injuries, aiding in recovery from surgeries, managing chronic and degenerative issues, and as a preventative measure to increase stability and mobility for overall well-being. Sam is a mother of 2 kids, two dogs and the founder of Yogabodii. Visit: yogabodii.com


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