Easy Antidotes for Your Style Woes – 3 Simple Ways to Transform Your Closet from Frustrating to Fabulous

As the co-founder of an e-boutique that offers personal styling services, the complaint we hear most often is that women have a closet full of clothes but always feel like they have nothing to wear! Sound familiar? Read up on three of the most common culprits and the easy fixes below.

All work, not enough play … or vice versa 

The diagnosis: All too often, women have lots of “dress up” clothes but have a crisis of casual clothing. Or the opposite, her closet is full of comfy basics but workdays are a drag because she doesn’t have enough elevated pieces.

The antidote: Warning: this one requires some math, but it’s easy, I promise! Imagine your average week as a pie chart. Make a list of your primary activities each week, for example: yoga, office/casual/job, date night, errands, client meetings, networking etc. Assign each activity a percentage based on how much of your week it occupies on average. Look at your closet to see if the clothing types you have match what the numbers say you should have. Now make a list of what you are missing and stick to your list when shopping.

The case of the missing third piece 

The diagnosis: As in art, photography or design, things are better in threes. Three items tend to create a more pleasing composition. When you’re drawn to an outfit on a mannequin or in a magazine, the stylist has more than likely incorporated a “third piece.” In other words, two basics have been elevated by adding a third piece of clothing or an accessory that balances the look.

The antidote: This one’s an easy fix! Go on a shopping mission to ensure you have a “third piece” in each of the key categories: a topper (i.e. a blazer, vest, cardigan, kimono or all of the above!), a scarf, a bag, and a few statement accessories.

Closet Booby Traps

The diagnosis: The old adage is true, “out of sight, out of mind.” This is especially dangerous when it comes to our closets. Other common closet hazards include: clothes stored in a way that causes wrinkles (and hence are passed over), pieces that need to be tailored, and general chaos. Oh, and the pieces that are just taking up space but no longer fit.

The antidote: 

Just bite the bullet and dedicate a chunk of time to organizing your closet! It won’t take as long as you think and you’ll feel SO good when it’s done. Here are a few pointers from my own closet:

  1. Organize sections by item type and then colour coordinate within each section.
  2. Hang as much as possible. If you must fold, make sure everything is visible.
  3. Put all the pieces that need to be tailored in a bag with a pair of flats and a pair of heels (to try things on with so you get the right heights). Now march yourself to a tailor and get ‘er done.

Now here’s the real test: place all the items in your closet with the hangers facing the same direction. After you wear something, put it back with the hanger head hooked in the opposite direction. At the 6 month point, take stock of what you aren’t wearing to assess your progress. Good luck!


Photo Credit: Ben J. Abbey

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