Easy Breezy | Hair Styles for the Summer By Antonella Cumbo

With the summer just around the corner, and all that comes with it, no one is going to want to spend the time and energy fighting with their hair. There are a slew of ways to look fresh and put together with out the hassle and the heat of a blow dryer, and without having to fight the humidity! Accessories are a great way to freshen up your look. Try a beautiful flower crown to spice up your hair, this look will be very popular this summer and can be worn tons of different ways. Try it in an updo, a braid or place it on your flowing, beachy waves.

If you aren’t a flower fan, there are other fantastic ways to get your hair done with ease. The faux bob is in this year; it’s easy to do and it keeps your hair off your neck without having to tie it up. Working with the hairs natural state you can tease the bottoms to get a little volume and pin them under to get that fresh look and feel.


Don’t forget about the top knot bun, super easy with the donut, just tie your hair up in a high ponytail and slip the hair through the donut hole. Start at the top, and simply roll the hair down with the donut. This will be a go to, five minute look that can’t go wrong!


Photo (Above) By: Lindsie Grey

Still not satisfied? Try braiding your hair in four sections, flat iron the braid and then undo the braid. This will give you a beautiful smooth beach wave.


Summer is all about being on the go and no matter what style you choose, you’ll be ready for the day’s adventures.

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