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A Natural Choice

If you have probiotics, organic veggies, diapers, quinoa, ice cream, toothpaste and a chocolate bar on your shopping list, Qi Natural Foods is the store for you. Don’t let their cramped aisles with crowded shelves discourage you upon entrance, it’s part of their charm. The staff are kind, knowledgeable, and will special order and stock products that you want and like to have regularly. Major bonus: their prices are unbeatable!

Qi Natural Foods, 997 Eglinton Ave West, 3 blocks east of the Allen Rd).

Live To Eat

Even though their store name implies meat, The Healthy Butcher is also the best stop on Eglinton West for local and organic fruits and veggies, fish, cheese, bread and eggs. In a very small store (compared to a grocery store), you can buy everything from safe cookware and chef’s knives to spices, condiments, cookies and crackers. I would suggest trying their house-made Quinoa Cakes from their large selection of prepared foods. Even though there is no “easy” parking, it’s easy in and easy out (they will even carry your groceries to your car), and on Saturdays, they offer valet parking as well. Now that’s service!

The Healthy Butcher, 298 Eglinton Avenue West (just east of Avenue Road).

More Than Dessert

Hotel Gelato is a licensed café, a gelateria, a fair trade coffee and espresso bar (organic tea too), and a dessert place. The space is comforting and inviting, as is their dedication to ensuring all have something to indulge in, regardless of dietary restrictions. They offer both Sweets from the Earth and LPK Culinary Delight- gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and vegan goodies. You don’t even have to have to be on a special diet to enjoy these, trust me. They also offer complimentary wi-fi and invite you to stay for a long time…perhaps you’ve found your next office space?

Hotel Gelato, 532 Eglinton Ave West (3 short blocks east Of Chaplin Crescent)

Stay Loose

Tea is good for you, soothing, healing and hydrating. And, since tea can be caffeinated or de-caffeinated, enjoyed hot, cold or somewhere in between, it’s perfect for all ages, and at any  time of day. The Eglinton West location of the Tea Emporium not only has a large, comfortable Tea Lounge and an extensive Tea Boutique, but also features Canada’s first School of Tea. You’ll

enjoy your next cup of Organic Rooibos or Oolong knowing that your tea didn’t include a bleached bag, a string, a staple or that outside packet that comes with tea bags elsewhere.

Tea Emporium, 351 Eglinton Avenue West (just west of Avenue Road)

Save the World

At first walk-by, many make the common mistake of not patronizing the restaurant because of the stark décor and odd Supreme Master TV. The Loving Hut is actually a gem in the neighbourhood – their menu is organic, vegan, non-GMO, peanut/nut free and MSG free. From  wonton soup to sushi and mango salad to burgers and fries, you will be happy eating in or taking out. Don’t forget an organic, vegan ice cream cone for the walk home, or a slice of Sweets From the Earth Chocolate Fudge Cake for dessert. And, yes, they deliver (all dishes in compostable containers, of course!

The Loving Hut, 953 Eglinton Avenue West (in between Bathurst and The Allen Road)

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Eco-Expert Lisa Borden dove into Mt. Pleasant Village to report back on some green places and spaces in this Amazing Community

Lisa Borden

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