EMF: The Destiny Generator | By Jaime Slavin #WellbeingWednesday

Soul 7 is an exclusive healing centre with a focus on Mind/Body Balancing Technologies by using cutting-edge technology to achieve wellness and optimize the body’s ability to self-heal. To heal naturally, we need to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic energies of our nervous system. It is all about Energy Flow and Balancing the body so it can heal itself. One can achieve that Flow State (.1hz) in multiple ways. Our Mindful Healing Technologies help that process.
“Everything and everyone, including you, is made up of atoms that emit waves of energy called electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF). Atoms continuously give off and absorb light and energy and have their own unique frequency and vibration. The energy is continuously moving in waves; where one atom stops another begins. It is constantly flowing and changing form and doesn’t even stop when you are asleep. Our cell’s membrane has an electrical charge that creates impulses and sends messages through electrical signals around the body. Every cell emits energy, creating an electromagnetic energy field that can also be measured outside of your body. Therefore, we are interacting energetically with everyone around us and with nature, in the electro- magnetic fabric of our existence. This universal energetic connection that we all share explains how our intentions, healing thoughts and prayers can connect us energetically to another person’s mind and consciousness in order to send healing energy. The human body is made up of cells containing energy. These cells are made up of molecules that are made up of atoms containing protons, neutrons and electrons. Atoms are made up of subatomic particles that are considered pure energy. Therefore, we are pure energy moving in waves with no boundaries, neither in space nor in time. This energy field is in everything that exists and has existed and is what connects us… … In order to become a generator of our own destiny, we need to keep our mind/body connection healthy. The earth creates magnetic fields that we resonate with and need in order to be healthy. As you can see, everything is energy and all energy is electromagnetic in nature. If we were to become isolated from these waves it would impair our mental capacity and lead to physical symptoms of disease.”

Excerpt from The Healing Option By Bob Berman, Founder, Soul 7

Ready to begin your Healing Journey? Here is a short Video, the perfect start to an understanding and your path to healing.

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jaimeslavinHSJaime Slavin, Nutritionist/Dietitian, BASc., MPH., RD. When food and nutrition intermingle, a sequence of events occur. Our senses awaken to a world in which our taste buds are satiated and our body thrives. This is my plan for you, as I invite you to see how pleasurable and nourishing food can harmoniously co-exist.   She is a nutritionist, registered dietitian, food educator, and an advocate for your health and well-being. Visit: JaimeSlavin.com

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