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Print Well, the trash talking of the gym is sometimes based in fact, and sometimes based in fiction, but always leads to exercise myths. With so many myths and so little time, I’ve chosen four of the most common ones I hear on a weekly basis. Myth #1: IF I WORK OUT, I CAN EAT WHATEVER I WANT. Reality Check:  So you probably work out for what, say 5 hours a week, maybe 7? That leaves 161 hours to undo everything you’ve done in the gym! Like gambling? ‘Cuz them’s some crappy odds! Nutrient dense, unrefined and organic foods are what win you The Great Bodyfat Loss Race. Excess empty calories matter even more when you are working out! Here’s some simple math: Excess calories = excess body fat, no matter what. And don’t think by limiting yourself to the same 20 ‘bodybuilding’ foods you’ll be safe to eat whatever you want. You can still get fat from eating too much tuna and oatmeal-its just a lot less fun! Eat high quality, low allergenic, nutrient dense foods, and not in excessive amounts, you should be just fine. Myth #2: LIFTING WEIGHTS WILL MAKE ME BULKY. Reality Check:  Weight lifting or resistance training in and of itself will NOT make you bulky. What WILL make you bulky is if you continue to eat an excessive amount of calories in addition to weight training. You will gain that sexy, lean muscle tone, but you’ll still maintain the body fat on top, thereby making you seem bulky!                                                                                             Sometimes it feels like since we’re busting our guts in the gym, the metabolism Gods should bestow upon us the right to eat whatever we want. Get over yourself. God doesn’t care if you’re fat. But your skinny jeans will. So figure out an approximate amount of calories, fat, protein and carbs you should be taking in, and stick to it. Myth #3: DOING CRUNCHES WILL GIVE ME GOOD ABS.
 Reality Check:  The straight up facts on this one is that we all have a 6 pack, but some of us can’t see the forest for the trees. I’m not suggesting a wax or laser hair removal here. What I’m saying that you won’t see your abs with body fat over top of ‘em. How do we rid ourselves of the pesky excess body fat? See Reality Check #1 and #2. Myth #4: CARDIO IS BETTER FOR FAT LOSS THAN WEIGHT TRAINING. Reality Check:  I know, I know, we’ve all been there. You know you could be working harder on the cardio machines but your BFF’s latest drama is taking all your attention and makes the time go so much faster! (Ball) Breaking News: If you’re texting on cardio, it’s not hard enough!At least put your phone down for 60 second intervals and up the intensity a bit. I can assure you the world won’t come to an end because you didn’t WTF or LOL. Research shows that short bursts of high intensity activity are more effective at fat loss than a long moderate pace. Here’s an even better idea.  Why don’t you leave your phone in the change room, focus on an intense, effective workout, leave some blood on the gym floor, then maybe you will have the body everyone else will be texting about. juleswebbioshot Besides having an extensive background in the health and fitness industry, Jules Lieff founded Fit Organix Inc., a food brand that specializes in high nutrient-dense, hypoallergenic meal delivery and retail products.  She can be found in her Cabbagetown Fit O headquarters, in a Mount Pleasant Village cafe, or every Monday at 7am and 6pm on 103.9 Proud FM.  A recipe revamper and chef personality at Loblaws PC Cooking School, Jules is also the ambassador of the Naturally Delicious pavillion at the Delicious Food Show, 2013. If you think you can keep up, follow her on Twitter @FitOrganiX, and visit the Fit Organix page, www.facebook.com/FitOrganixInc, or tune in weekly to hear her blunt yet sound advice. Ultimately, if you show your fridge some love (not in a My Strange Addiction kind of way), your food will taste better, you’ll stay motivated longer and you’ll look more crisp in that new wardrobe than the garden salad you packed with your lunch.

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